Hopefully A Lot of “Mooooose” and Few Boos on Saturday

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Baltimore is one of the most prideful cities in America. If you are one of ours we love you and cheer for you more than any other city does, but if you aren’t from the town, don’t embrace our town or leave our town for a rival city then Baltimore fans can be some of the most merciless fans in the country. There may be no better example of this than Mike Mussina who left the Orioles to join their most hated rival, angering everyone who roots for the orange and black.

Mussina returns to Camden Yards on Saturday, but not in a Yankees uniform, but to rightfully get inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame. For me, Saturday will be a time to forgive and forget and applaud Mussina for his accomplishments in an Oriole uniform. Hopefully I am not alone in this mindset.

By all accounts from everyone who covered the Orioles in the 90s, Mussina was by no means the nicest guy and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, which probably added to the hatred for him when he left the Orioles to join Yankees. While I completely understand this, I tend to be a person who cares more about what a guy does on the field than how he acts off the field. Mussina’s numbers, not his demeanor, is the reason he is heading into the Oriole Hall of Fame and that is the way it should be.

I consider myself to be one of the most prideful Baltimore sports fans there is and I was absolutely devastated, and quite frankly insulted, when Mussina left the Orioles for the Yankees. I booed him every time he pitched, not just against the Orioles but anyone. I took pride in seeing him have bad starts and loved the fact that he never won a World Series with the Yankees.  To me, Mussina was public enemy number one and I am sure those thoughts were shared among everyone in Orioles nation. We had every right to think those thoughts and every right to boo Mussina like he had never been booed before, but those days have passed. I am over it and everyone else should be too.

Mussina was not only the best pitcher on the Orioles team that went wire to wire in 1997, but he was one of the best pitchers in the Major Leagues during his tenure in Baltimore.  He had 147 wins in 10 years with the Orioles. These numbers show he was the last true “ace” the franchise has had.

Things are good for the Orioles and their fans right now – the O’s are in pennant race and playoff ticket invoices were mailed out to season ticket holders this week.  There is a buzz about baseball in late August which is something that hasn’t been the case since Mussina and the 1997 Orioles were in the midst of one of the greatest seasons in franchise history.

The Orioles return home this weekend and the town will be experiencing “pennant fever” for the first time in a decade and a half.  While the Orioles success hasn’t made fans totally forget 14 years of losing, it has taken a little bit of the sting off and got people to renew their love for baseball and the Orioles.

Hopefully that is the case with Mussina. It’s time forgive and forget.

So go to the game, wear your orange, fill the Yard, cheer for the O’s and chant “MOOOOOOOOOSE” like you did the last time when Mike Mussina was in Camden Yards and the Orioles were in playoff contention.

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