Local Businesses Join Together to Honor Patrick “Scunny” McCusker

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On Wednesday, bars, restaurants and small businesses from Canton, Fells Point and Federal Hill will band together to show their love and respect for Patrick “Scunny” McCusker.  Many bars and restaurants will be donating 30% of their sales to the Believe in Tomorrow Children’s foundation; which Scunny contributed to on a regular basis.

The list of bars and restaurants in Canton that are participating in donating 30% of their sales to the Believe in Tomorrow foundation has been steadily growing for the past two days.  It will be hard to find an establishment that is not doing what they can to give back to a man that gave so much to the community.  For many other establishments, not only in Canton, but in Federal Hill and Fells Point, they have banded together to sponsor a car in the upcoming Baltimore Grand Prix dedicated to Scunny.

A local driver, Patryk Tararuj, will be driving the number 48 car dedicated to Scunny.  A team of local businesses are working diligently to get the race car set up, decaled and out on display in O’Donnell Square for all to see on Wednesday evening.  The race car will qualify for the USF 2000 on Friday and will be in the races on Saturday and Sunday.  Keep your eyes peeled for the weeping Nacho Mama’s Natty Boh  car at the Grand Prix this year.  The dedication of a race car in the Baltimore Grand Prix is something that is truly fitting for one of the only men to ever own their own Natty Boh car.

The sponsorship of the race car was only possible due to the unwavering support of over 20 small businesses in Canton, Fells Point and Federal Hill.  This shows that Scunny was not only a well-respected man in Canton, but throughout all of Baltimore.

Thank you to those businesses who helped make this possible;

Abbey Burger Bistro

Blue Hill Tavern / Tavern On The Square


Dark Horse Canton

Elliots Pour House

Garceau Realty

F.P. Winner

Hair Off The Dog

Jasa Kabab

J.D. Smoke House

Mad River


No Idea

No Way Jose Cafe

Mahafeeys Pub



Pier Point

Portside Tavern

Ryleighs Oyster House

Snap Wall

The Americana

Thames Street Oyster House

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