Some Great Plates of Late in South Baltimore

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One of the great things about living in the city, especially a place like South Baltimore, is the massive amounts of unique and original restaurants.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorite dishes I’ve had recently.

The Cheese Pit Beef Steak at Hot Corner Lee’s

Hot Corner Lee’s is a cool little stand in the Cross Street Market with decor featuring pennants of the Orioles, Ravens and Baltimore Colts, as well as pictures of Camden Yards and Memorial Stadium… sold yet?  But on to the food – they specialize in cheesesteaks that come on Philly-staple Amoroso’s rolls or a wrap if you are looking to cut calories.  They have a $10 lunch special which features a drink, curly fries, and chill or mac and cheese.

I heard they were making a pit beef cheesesteak in conjunction with meat from the adjacent Fenwick Meats stands.  This sandwich featured rare pit beef, white american cheese, onions and BBQ sauce (I held the horseradish sauce). It was delicious!  A great combination of flavors with quality pit beef on the best rolls in the business.  Definitely try one or some of the other combos like the Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak or the Mac and Cheese Cheesesteak.

Pit Beef Sandwich at Cockey’s

I think we have a theme going here…  I didn’t realize how much I love pit beef until the last few weeks.  Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Bob Cockey and his staff at Cockey’s bring out their smoker to the new patio and serve up hot pit and corned beef.  They slice you off a piece to sample before you purchase and you can get the temperature of your choice.  For $6, you get the sandwich fixed to your liking on your choice of bread, plus a bag of chips.  I look forward to trying the corned beef on my next visit!

Stuffed Pepper at Silo .5% Wine Bar

After attending the Nevermore art show at Silo Point, we moseyed are way over to Silo .5% for some (more) wine. If you’ve ever been to Silo Point, you know the architecture is just stunning and Silo .5% kept that theme going.  Naturally they had many different bottles high-end wine, but they also had plenty for just $21… not always easy to find at a nice restaurant in a great setting! While I wasn’t paying attention, my group decided to order a cheese plate and a stuffed pepper, which the server said was on special and raved about. After the first bite of the pepper I thought, “Whoa, what is that!?”  The combination of cheeses, bacon and pepper (and I’m sure some other ingredients!) melted in my mouth and I soon after wanted another bite. Really delicious!

The Ribs at Langermann’s on Light

Ribs are one of those foods that I like, but if I am going to spend the money on an entree, I am typically always leaning towards a steak, chicken or seafood dish.  Langermann’s on Light offers their ribs as an appetizer (huge) and entree (probably really huge).  These ribs had a smooth glaze of tangy BBQ sauce and a slight slide of your butter knife will get the ribs to easily separate from the bone.  They were delicious, and my immediate thought was, “we have to bring my brother-in-law here.  He loves huge portions and good southern food … I know he’ll like it!”

Pepperoni Pizza at Home Slyce

As a kid one of my favorite occasions was when we got pizza. My choice was always pepperoni – I even would get pepperoni pizza when we went to our favorite Italian restaurant.  Getting older and being around a more gourmet pizza world (especially in SoBo – pizza capital of the world), you get distracted by all of the great pies and combinations of toppings available. Don’t get me wrong, Home Slyce has has a great selection of really unique and delicious multi-topping pies as well, but their plain pepperoni pizza is really good, really really good – they don’t skimp on the pepperoni and the crust is cooked to perfection. I’ve ordered it so many times and  am never disappointed – it always reminds me how much I love it, just like when I was younger.

Corned Beef and Swiss at Beach Bums

Baltimore is a city known for its corned beef thanks to the corned beef row contingent of Attman’s and Lenny’s.  I love corned beef but don’t always want to cut through the harbor to get a sandwich of it.  Beach Bums is known for their unique sandwiches, recently winning the Best of Baltimore, but they also excel at the basics. I got a hot corned beef and swiss with spicy mustard on marble rye.  Needless to say, I know where I’ll go the next time I’m looking to pick up a corned beef sandwich in the neighborhood.






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