Gobble, Gobble! Good Turkey Sandwiches Around SoBo

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Originally Posted 11/21/12

By no means do I think most of you will be craving turkey after a big Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, but for those who have to work or can’t make it home to your family – or are still just in the mood – here are some of my favorite spots for turkey sandwiches around South Baltimore.

House Roasted Turkey from Barracudas

It seems that everytime I eat at Barracudas I walk away thinking how much thought and effort is put into every dish on their menu.  At a place with so many great seafood dishes and entrees the sandwiches can get overlooked, but they are delicious (I was even made fun of for getting one of their sandwiches on my birthday, but I didn’t regret it!)

The House Roasted Turkey Sandwich is no exception.  This slow roasted delicious turkey rubbed with Cuban spices will melt in your mouth. It is topped with spinach, swiss and herb dijon.  It is very good and, though many things will look really good on their menu, you have to try this sandwich at least once.

Turkey Tapenade from Trinacria

Trinacria is well known for their meats, Italian goods, wine selection and old school Baltimore charm, but I think that their Turkey Tapenade sandwich is one of their finest pieces of work.  This sandwich is made on their homemade focaccia bread and features fresh sliced turkey, a tapenade spread made from their famous olives, as well as roasted red peppers and a slice of provolone.  It’s good, it’s filling and it will keep you coming back, just like most other things in the store.

Turkey Burger at Abbey Burger Bistro

When I tell people I always get the Turkey Burger at Abbey, true burger connoisseurs look at me like it’s a sin, but that’s because they haven’t tried it.  This burger combines all of the right flavors to melt right in your mouth.  The ground turkey comes on one of their golden rolls topped with black beans, avocado, Red Hawk cheese, bib lettuce and spicy creme fraiche.  This burger hits the spot and always has me thinking that building my own burger will never live up to this one… so why try?

Turkey Brie/Thanksgiving Sandwich at Regi’s

Regi’s American Bistro oven roasts their turkey and places it on their fresh ciabatta roles.  Normally they offer the Turkey and Brie sandwich which features brie cheese and a cranberry spread.  It’s an interesting combo of flavors, but it all comes together and is very delicious.  For they holidays they also offer their Thanksgiving Sandwich which is topped with homemade cranberry sauce and cornbread stuffing on rustic white.  Also very good!

Some Good Turkey Deli Sandwiches

Lucky’s: For less than $5 you can get a huge turkey sandwich using cajun, peppered and other flavors of turkey dressed to your liking on a fresh roll.

Beach Bum’s: Beach Bum’s offers a lot of great combinations using turkey, but my go-to is just the turkey and swiss on a soft pretzel roll. (Unfortunately they are no longer open)

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! …And, please let us know what great turkey sandwiches or dishes we are missing.

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