Neighborhood Groups, Businesses and Police Meeting on Feb. 26th

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South Baltimore Neighborhood Association

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Dear Community Stakeholder,

As members of the greater Cross Street area community, we are blessed with a vibrant and ever-growing small business community, an engaged police force, and a remarkably diverse group of residents.  With the recent vote to approve a casino in South Baltimore as well as a host of other transformational developments set to take place in the future within the Federal Hill and South Baltimore neighborhoods, we write today in seek of your support.

For many of us, the symbolic center of our great Baltimore borough is the Federal Hill Hospitality and Business District.  Comprised of the some of the city’s most historic and award winning stores, pubs, and restaurants, the District is one of the area’s largest draws and an important communal meeting place for so many of our residents and their families.

And so it is with this understanding and a desire to preserve the Federal Hill/South Baltimore Hospitality and Business District’s esteemed place among Baltimore landmarks, that we seek your collective support for an initiative designed to facilitate a new kind of dialogue and constructive cooperation among three vital components of our community:

  • Residents and Community Organizations
  • Federal Hill Bar/Restaurants/Businesses
  • Southern District Police Force

After consultation with organizations and other civic leaders within the community, we are proposing the creation of a committee made up with representatives of the three aforementioned groups to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss methods for ensuring the continued vitality of our beloved Federal Hill/South Baltimore Hospitality and Business District.

Topics for discussion include strategies for maintaining a reasonable level of order during nights on weekends, appropriate and effective policing techniques, and communication/promotion during significant events.  In addition, we’d like to broaden the scope to also include strategies for creating an environment that is the more conducive to economic activity.

These issues are a small sample of possible subjects with the ultimate goal being a more integrated approach to addressing issues within Federal Hill/South Baltimore that is amenable each group’s objectives  – livability, safety, and business friendliness.

Initially, we’d like to invite all bars/restaurants/businesses within the District to participate.  Additionally, representatives from community associations and residents in the area as well as the Southern District Major and other members of the police force will be asked to participate.  The intent will be to foster a productive, informal dialogue among the three groups as we create ways for improving communication, safety, and business.

The first meeting will take place at the Digital Tech Center, corner of Light and Cross Streets, on February 26th from 7pm – 9pm.  Please RSVP if you are able to attend so that we are able to accurately account for all participants.

In the end, we all seek a safe, culturally dynamic, and economically strong Federal Hill and Southern Baltimore neighborhoods.  We hope that you will join us in the creation of this quarterly committee as a means to fulfilling these desires in the months and years ahead.


John W Karabias Jr ( &  Marie Sennett (

South Baltimore Neighborhood Association


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