If You Wouldn’t Turn Down a Raise at Your Job, You Have No Right to Criticize Flacco

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Like any other profession, football is a job – the players, coaches and everyone who works for the team gets compensated just like they do in any other professional field.  Unlike most professions however, football players are extremely well compensated and most of them see more money in one year than the average person. Does this mean they should be viewed as selfish for wanting to make the most possible in their career? Just like no person, no matter what they do for their career, would not try to take the most money they could, neither should any NFL player, especially not Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks.

One thing that makes  the NFL more unique that any other sport is the fact that there are no guaranteed contracts. It is the most physically demanding sport and if you get hurt and can’t play then you likely will get cut and not get paid. There is much more of a chance of obtaining a career-ending injury playing football than in almost any other position outside of a police officer, firefighter or a select few others.

Even if Joe Flacco were to be fortunate enough to never get cut or injured and play for another 10 years, his career would still be over before the age of 40. So if he will likely be done working 25 years before most other people who work for a living, why shouldn’t he try to get as much money as possible? If you walked into work tomorrow and they said that you had to stop working at the age of 40, wouldn’t you try to negotiate a deal that gets you the most money possible?

I am sure there are people out there who are very qualified at what they do and excel at their career, but there are likely several other people in the world who can do their job if they don’t. NFL players are the best in the world at what they do. You cannot just bring someone in and train them like in another job and many people fail to realize that. There are probably thousands of people in this country that have a career similar to mine, but how many are NFL quarterbacks like Joe Flacco? Answer: 31.

The reason athletes get paid so much is because there are so few of them who can reach that level and succeed. And, judging by the popularity of sports, certainly people care about what they do. Just like the best doctors, best lawyers and best businessmen in the world all make the most money, so do the best athletes and that is the way it should be.

The word fan is short for fanatic and as fans we often fail to view sports through the eyes of the people who are lucky enough to make a career out of it. To just say “these guys are millionaires, what difference does another couple of million dollars make?” just shows that many fans don’t appreciate how hard and physically demanding the NFL is.  If you don’t like how much money NFL players get, then don’t pay to go to the game and don’t pay to wear their jersey or to get their autograph. And, if you aren’t going to stop doing those things then don’t complain at home much they get paid.

Just like there is a difference between making $60,000 a year at a job when you could make $65,000, there is a difference between getting $17 million dollars or $20 million for doing a job.  If you are one of the best in your profession you should be compensated as such. Each profession has different salaries, that’s just how the world works. Not every profession gets paid the same amount and not everyone in a profession gets paid the same amount.

Joe Flacco is doing what anyone who is at the top of their profession would do, negotiating a contract that they believe they deserve. But unlike mainly every other working American, this may be his LAST contract ever and he may not get all of his money.

There is a difference between $ 17 million and $20 million dollars (last I checked they aren’t the same amounts of money) and anyone who would not try to get that additional $3 million is a total liar.  Last I checked the Ravens front office knows where they are doing when it comes to running a football team (they won’t just cut everyone if they have to pay Flacco $20 million). Their job is to be competitive every year and Joe Flacco’s job is to help them win and get paid as much as possible to do so.

Flacco reached the top of his profession last year and now it’s his turn to get paid. I have no problem with that and neither should anyone else. If you do, I know someone who would gladly take your tickets to every Ravens game that Flacco is under center.

Football is business and we have the privilege of watching one of the best in the world at that business.


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