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227705_496835973702103_1201661102_n211 East Patapsco St. in South Baltimore’s Brooklyn neighborhood is home to a business making a lot of noise.  That noise can be heard on the internet, local television,  YouTube and at local live music venues.  Brooklyn is the home of Deep Flow Studios, a recording studio, production company and internet radio station, which caters to the hip-hop and music community of the Baltimore area.

Local artist and entrepreneur Amotion, influenced by her brother Jason Beale, always had a love for music. When that was taken away from her, she discovered a love for producing it herself.  Growing up in Boston,  Amotion found herself hanging with the wrong crowd and ended up in a juvenile detention center.  She was unable to listen to music so she began rapping to fill the void.  This proved to be a life-changing experience for her.

After Amotion’s release, her mother had an opportunity in 2000 to move to Baltimore, which provided Amotion a chance to start new.  She began DJ-ing, continued rapping and also discovered a love for film making using her father’s video camera at age 8.

She then started Deep Flow Studios in 2001.  As money started to come in, she bought new equipment piece by piece as she could afford it and eventually moved into her own Brooklyn studio in 2004. Several years later the company moved into a bigger space at 211 East Patapsco St.

Deep Flow Studios currently has eight employees – including fellow artist and Executive Assistant Boss Star – who specialize in graphic design, video production, music production, beat production, songwriting and engineering, in addition to interns.

Their Brooklyn studio is home to, a hip-hop music station featuring about 40% local artists from the region as well as mainstream music. They also produce Deep Flow TV, the longest running urban show with 108 episodes in the area shown on Comcast, Millen and Fios in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County and Howard County.  Producer Moe Hammond also recently completed a documentary, ‘The 50 Most Essential Hip Hop Albums of All Time,’ which can be seen on YouTube.  Deep Flow has additionally been featured on Fox45, Rolling Stone and has produced songs featured in ‘The Wire’ and ‘American Casino.’

264435_560971293955237_985190605_nDeep Flow Studios produces about 2,000 songs and 25 albums a year working with many area hip-hop artists, as well as rock, Christian and Latin artists.  “If you want to be in music, do it because you love being an artist and not for the money,” Amotion told “Most of Deep Flow’s clients are artists who work hard at their day job to raise money for recording time, music videos, beats and more.  We have a  wide variety of clients, including government workers, police officers and people walking in here in business suits.”

It’s the music and video production studio that funds the radio station and TV show.  If you come to Deep Flow to produce music it will be featured on Deep Flow Radio.  Every song is given a three-week trial on the air and, if it does well, they will continue to play it.

Artists as well as their music videos and documentaries are also featured on Deep Flow TV, which has a loyal following.  “Our station and TV show is a big way for artists to get their music out there,” said Amotion.

As far as the state of the hip-hop scene, Amotion described it as “hot,” but noted that artists need to showcase their music outside of Baltimore to really make it.  The big three markets for the hip-hop community are NYC, Los Angeles and Atlanta, according to Amotion and Hammond.

And for the future of Deep Flow Studios, Amotion is always looking to grow her studio and eventually find more time for writing and rapping herself.  In the meantime, she can’t wait to replace the carpet at the studio with hardwood floors.  You can also catch Amotion running an after school music program with Brooklyn’s Chesapeake Center for Youth Development and volunteering at BARCS.

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