South Baltimore News and Business Roundup

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Ole Federal Hill Liquors Moves

Ole Federal Hill Liquors has completed their move from 1238 Light St. to 1232 Light St. in the former home of Bay Vanguard Federal Savings Bank. The new store is smaller  in size but has a second floor for storage. They vacated a three-rowhome wide, one-story property that could be ideal for redevelopment.

Royal Farms Undergoing a Facelift

photoMany Royal Farms locations around the region have undergone a facelift and now the Key Hwy. store is getting its exterior upgrade. New Royal Farms locations have been constructed in Pigtown and along Russell St., and the location on Ritchie Hwy. in Brooklyn was recently revamped.

The Key Hwy. store remains open during the renovations.

Resistance to Liquor Store Rezoning

In June 2012, Baltimore City proposed a rezoning effort that would get rid of liquor stores that are ‘non-conforming’ or ‘nestled among homes.’  Several local liquor stores would be on the chopping block under this legislation including Ronnies (also a sub and breakfast shop) and Hanover Street Liquors in South Baltimore, Jack’s Liquors in Sharp-Leadenhall, Mack’s and Cut Rate Liquors in Pigtown, and Ridgely Mini-Mart in Ridgely’s Delight.

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Councilman Ed Reisinger is the first city leader to speak up against this zoning overhaul.  From the article:

Council Vice President Edward Reisinger said a blanket policy is unfair to upstanding store owners and the city should instead use other tools to fine and if necessary shut down liquor stores and taverns that break the law.

Reisinger, who is leading the council’s review of a proposed new zoning code in Baltimore, said he sees the approach as a middle ground between affected store owners who worry the city’s decision will cause them financial ruin and community activists who see the stores as magnets for crime.

“Compromise — that’s my focus,” Reisinger said. “There is going to be a lot thrown on the table. Everyone is entitled to come up with their opinions, ideas and solutions. We’re going to have to look at all of it, digest it, analyze it and come up with what’s best.” has spoken out in the past about this zoning effort.

Historic Tax Credits to Continue

A huge motivator of home sales in South Baltimore has been the implementation of a ten-year tax credit to homes more than 100 years old that have been renovated to the standards of the city’s Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP). This credit has also been applied to larger scale projects in historic buildings as well.  The City Council gave preliminary approval on Monday to extend this program for two more years according to the Baltimore Sun.

Parks Smoking Ban

Yesterday, January 13th, Councilman William Cole introduced legislation to ban smoking and all tobacco products within 50 feet of a playground, schoolyard or athletic field in Baltimore City. The bill was co-sponsored by all members of the Baltimore City Council. will continue to provide updates on the progress of this bill.

Halperns’ Steaks and Seafood Receives Exterior Upgrades

Camden Carroll’s Halperns’ Steaks and Seafood at 701 W. Hamburg St. has upgraded the exterior of its property. The exterior has been painted a gold color and signs have been posted on the property.

Halperns’ bought Maryland Hotel Supply Co Inc., also known as Maryland Quality Meats, in November of 2012 and has taken over their South Baltimore property.

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