Tips to Winterize Your Plumbing!

| December 4, 2014 | 0 Comments

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photo 2The cold weather arrived a little earlier this year, and it’s looking like the Old Farmer’s Almanac 2014 Winter Prediction could be on the correct path with a colder and snowier winter in our future.  Last year we saw the effects and the mess of a very, very cold winter due to the frozen pipes.  After servicing hundreds, if not thousands, of homeowners all over Maryland and Washington, D.C. we are here to give you some plumbing winterizing tips.

Inside Your Home

  • First things first, make sure everybody who lives in your home including children, know where the main emergency shutoff valve is.  In the event that you have a pipe burst this winter, getting to that main shutoff valve quickly is crucial and can determine how much damage is actually done to your home.  This valve is responsible for the flow of water in your home, once it’s turned off, the water in your home will not run.
  • If you have pipes that are located in an unheated garage, crawl space under your house, or near a less-insulated area in your home, like your basement, it’s time to insulate those pipes or faucets.  Schedule a service with one of our experienced technicians to perform this service as they’ll be able to use special heat tape to insulate exposed pipes all over your home and even in hard to reach places.
  • During the day and night, open your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and pantry door (if applicable) to allow warmer air circulate around the plumbing.

Outside Your Home

  • Disconnect your garden hose(s) and turn off the water to your hose bibbs by following these step-by-step instructions.  You will save yourself the headache this winter by reducing your risk of having frozen pipes.
  • Make sure you close the foundation or exterior vents around the house.

If you’re going on vacation during the winter months or have a vacant home…

  • Make sure you leave the heat on and set to at least 60 degrees.
  • Give us a call to winterize your home for you with the use of heat tape and antifreeze solution in the pipes.

If this cold weather is any indication of what the rest of the season is going to be like, it’s time to get your home ready for the winter as soon as possible.  Our licensed and knowledgeable technicians are ready to winterization your plumbing the same day you schedule a service—give us a call today (410-247-9970) to prevent your pipes from freezing this winter.  Always remember that we’re here to serve you 7 Days A Week and there’s never an extra cost for weekend or holiday service.

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