How to Prepare your Listing for Real Estate’s Own March Madness

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With winter lingering in the rearview mirror, we are now focused ahead to a much happier place, spring! The cold may be a thing of the (almost) past but spring and real estate are sure to heat things up! March Madness isn’t only for basketball.  Here at Murphy, Washo, Gunsiorowski & Associates we experience spring as a great time to buy and sell real estate!

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression so here are some tips on how to make the first one a memorable one.  Starting with the outside of the house, think curb appeal. With that horrendous winter we just endured think fresh, bright colors. Consider updating your yard. You can start by trimming the bushes, trees and plants.  It’s also a great idea to power wash your driveway and or walkways.  Does the front of your house have a paint exterior?  If it needs touch up paint, go ahead and clean it up, it will make for a well taken care of home.

As we move inside, think of your home as a house.  You put your personal touch and style into the home but is that style versatile for potential buyers? Think de-clutter and try to make the rooms seem larger by having only the necessities in the house.  We all know how it can get with shoes left on the staircase or a pile of odds and ends just begging for organization. Tips for de-cluttering are putting things away for storage.  It’s not advised to hide things away in closets because this will take away from the look and space that the closet has to offer.  If possible, work with each room to gain the best possible natural light exposure.  Open and clean the blinds and let that long lost sunshine in!

timthumbLet’s talk kitchens.  Is your kitchen in need of a makeover? Try to make it look as simple as possible. Don’t have loose items sitting on top of the fridge; this indicates that there may not be enough cabinet space for kitchen necessities.  Always be sure to clean off the cabinets, be sure to clean the dishes and have everything neatly organized and spotless.

Next, we tackle bathrooms.  Think about a time when you visited a hotel and had to use the bathroom.  Were you impressed? Or disgusted? This can be a horrifying experience, think of your bathroom as a showcase for your house.  Always make sure to have clean towels hanging, clean floors and always take care of the trash prior to a showing.  If your shower, tub, or sink needs some work definitely consider caulking.  Doing so will appear for a cleaner, fresher, updated bathroom.

Here at Murphy, Washo, Gunsiorowski & Associates we have the skills and expertise to help you accomplish all of your goals and dreams.  We take the time to truly listen to you and help you find your dream home, we will work with you every step of the way.  Lets spring into March Madness together.

Murphy Washo Gunsiorowski & Associates has consistently been a top selling Team in the Baltimore Metro Area specializing in townhomes, condos and investment properties surrounding the Inner Harbor.  The Team’s focus is on superior customer service, professionalism and honesty.  Steve Murphy has been selling Real Estate full time for over 16 years and has helped more than seventeen hundred clients buy and sell homes in the Baltimore area.  Steve’s team has consistently been ranked the #1 Sales Team in Baltimore since their inception.  He is in the top 1% of all Realtors nationwide and is professionally trained by one of the Nation’s top coaching organizations.  This keeps the team 100% focused on the real estate business and allows for consistent market condition updates.   Steve and his support staff have developed a comprehensive system to maintain excellent service and client communication.  They truly believe this will be your Best Real Estate Experience.

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