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photoAs someone who has been a business owner for the last 12 years, I know that your confidence is only as large as your last paycheck or last week of sales and that you always carefully planning for what might come next. In business you have good weeks and bad weeks, great weeks and terrible weeks, and after a while you learn to just roll with the punches and keep your head up, but it’s not easy.

Businesses have payrolls to keep up with and the vast majority of business owners take great pride in providing employment and the financial security that provides those individuals. Businesses also have insurance, rent and other bills to pay.

For many businesses in South Baltimore and around the city, it was a really tough last eight days. This past week-plus has not only affected the owners of these businesses, but also the many employees who were unable to work or made significantly less in their tip- or commission-based job. Major roads were closed, a nightly curfew was implemented, Orioles games were moved out of the city, events and conventions were cancelled, weddings were uprooted, and more. Some businesses were also vandalized and destroyed, adding to the many others around the city.

Some people in the city left and many people from outside the city did not come to visit. In 13 years of living here, I’ve never as many available parking spots as I did on Friday night at 10pm.

It is not only important for local businesses to have a strong week, but it is also important to show the world that Baltimore is still an AMAZING place to shop, eat, drink, work, and enjoy entertainment.

We’ve started a hashtag (#ShopSoBo) to encourage people to patronize our local businesses and share pictures and experiences at these establishments via social media. We also encourage local business to use #ShopSoBo to show off your great businesses, products, and staff.

So this week (and every week), have one less meal at home and go out instead. Have one less beer on the couch and have it at a neighborhood bar. Buy one less thing on Amazon and walk into one of our amazing stores. And, bring your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family with you.  

The spirit of small business is one reason that makes this area so special to us at, so let’s boost it up and help it to continue to thrive! #‎ShopSoBo

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