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12019954_10102351501898325_4637508792168675784_nHow did you become a contestant on the show?

It all started back in May when I was sitting in my living room with my fiancé, Mike, watching Wheel of Fortune like we do every night. When the show ended, they advertised that the “Wheel Mobile” would be traveling the country. When we heard Vanna White say “YOU can be the next contestant on Wheel of Fortune,” we looked at each other and didn’t have to say a word. We both knew that we would be at the audition, no matter what day that Wheel Mobile was coming to town!

We went to a public audition in Hunt Valley where I was one of many who was chosen at random to come up on stage, do a quick interview, and play a quick game. A couple weeks later, I got an email from Wheel of Fortune inviting me to come back for a private audition at the Sheraton in Towson. This audition was fun but very intense. With 60 other people auditioning and a panel full of judges, we went through multiple rounds of interviews, simulated puzzles, and a written exam. It was challenging but I loved every minute of it.

A long three days later I got an email with the subject like “WHEEL OF FORTUNE TAPING JULY 31ST, 2015!” Two weeks later, I was flying out to LA!

What was the day of filming like and what would surprise your average TV viewer?

My experience as a Wheel of Fortune contestant in Los Angeles was one I will never forget! They tape six shows in one day so we were in a room full of eighteen contestants. They put us into our groups of three in the morning so I knew right away who I would be playing against. All of the other contests were super friendly and we helped each other stay calm and collected before our turn in the spotlight. When it was time for my show to tape, it felt like a boxing match! Between rounds during commercial breaks, they would pull us off the set, give us water, touch up our makeup, and explain what the next round would be like. It was the fastest half hour of my life!

The thing that surprised me the most was how small the set was in real life! They do some amazing camera work because what you see on television is very different than the real thing. I was also surprised by how hard it was to spin the wheel! People make it look so easy on TV, but it is actually very heavy and difficult to spin. They let each contestant practice spinning the wheel in the morning so that everyone could get used to it before we taped.

You and your four guests were sworn to secrecy about the results until the day the episode aired. How hard was it to keep the results from everyone?

My fiancé, my Mom, and my future in-laws came along for the ride! We were so excited when we left LA knowing that I had just won more than $20,000 cash, but we had to keep it a secret until the show aired about six weeks later. At first it was really hard for all of us because everybody kept asking about the trip and if I did well on the show. But our friends and family finally stopped asking because they realized we couldn’t reveal anything. I think it made the whole experience so much more exciting because our friends and family were so anxious to watch and find out the results.

You had a lot of friends and family watching with several viewing parties around town. What was watching the show like? What was it like to receive such an outpouring of support?

Watching myself on national television was surreal. We had almost forty friends over for our viewing party, and our parents had their own viewing parties as well. I was more nervous for the show to air than I was actually taping it in LA! I was excited but so nervous knowing that everybody I knew would be watching me.

The amount of support I received was beyond anything I could have ever imaged. I never thought so many people would be rooting me on and excited to watch me on TV. My friends, family and coworkers were so encouraging and it really blew me away. It meant the world to me that I had this amazing support in my life! 

Pat Sajak is a Baltimore area guy. Did you two get to talk about that?

I was fortunate enough to make it to the bonus round, which meant that I had a couple minutes of one-on-on time at the end of my show to talk to Pat and Vanna. Pat knew I was from Baltimore so he asked if I was an Orioles fan. I told him how I live ten minutes from the stadium and walk to at least twenty games a season. He seemed very impressed! He told me how he and his son have season tickets to the O’s and that his son was actually at the game that day. I told him that if he ever needs to fill his seats, he now knows who to call! 

What do you love about living in South Baltimore?

I’ve lived in South Baltimore for the past six years and I love everything about it. I love that I can take a ten minute walk to the stadiums to root for my O’s and Ravens. I love the wide variety of restaurants and the beautiful scenery from the top of Federal Hill and my own rooftop deck. I love going on runs through Fort McHenry, the Inner Harbor, and the city streets that I can call my own. I love my friendly neighbors and our block parties that bring us all together. I love the excitement of new homes, restaurants and retail stores opening all around me. I love looking out my window and seeing people walking their dogs, riding their bikes, and walking to and from work. To put it simply, I love living in South Baltimore because it is everything that is “home” to me.





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