How to Keep your Pets Safe During the Cold Winter Months

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FullSizeRenderIn winter it is important to focus on how you can keep your pets safe during the cold winter months!

Know the limits: Short-legged animals may be less tolerant to snow and cold, as their bellies are closer to the ground, and short-coated animals face the same problems. Long-haired animals are more tolerant of the cold, but may be chilly too! Consult your veterinarian if you need any help determining your pet’s limits.

Play dress up: If your dog has a short coat or seems bothered by the cold weather, consider a sweater or dog coat. Have several on hand, so you can use a dry sweater or coat each time your dog goes outside. Wet sweaters or coats can actually make your dog colder. Some pet owners also use booties to protect their dog’s feet; if you choose to use them, make sure they fit properly.

Bring your furry friends in to see your favorite staff at Everhart Veterinary Hospital during the month of February for their check-ups and be sure to take all necessary pre-winter precautions! Stay warm!

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