BARCS Aiming to Raise $500,000 for its New Facility in Cherry Hill

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BARCS press release: 

The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) is scheduled to relocate to a new facility located at 2490 Giles Road in the Cherry Hill community in southern Baltimore City. The relocation is set to take place in early 2020 upon completion of construction. BARCS has made great strides over the last decade increasing the live-release rate from 2% (in 2004 prior to BARCS) to more than 90% in 2018. The expansion of programs and staffing to support the increase in saving lives has left our current facility inefficient, run down and too small. The current facility no longer meets the standards for proper care and disease management of animals housed in the shelter, and lacks space to fully operate programs and provide resources and education to members of the community. The new shelter will provide BARCS with a much-needed upgrade for our deserving animals as well as our dedicated volunteers and hardworking staff members.

“BARCS strives is to enhance the quality of life in our community through compassionate services to animals and people. BARCS’ goal in the new facility is to continue improving the state of animal welfare in Baltimore City, work with pet owners in crisis to find the best possible outcomes, and care for 12,000 homeless, abused and neglected animals annually. ” said Jennifer Brause, founder and executive director for BARCS.

The new facility will have expanded space for BARCS’ lifesaving programs, which enables our teams to work more efficiently towards the goal of saving more animals in Baltimore. An increase in building space will also give BARCS the opportunity to bring our dog intake (medical processing), fundraising team and Community Cats Program, currently hosted in trailers and offsite office space, back under one roof to ensure that all programs are run successfully. The structural layout of the new facility will also include separate entrances for adoptions and intake, which includes a resource center for pet owners in crisis. The separation of the two lobbies will allow for privacy and more intimate conversations with members of our community.

As a nonprofit organization, BARCS depends on the support of our community through private donations, volunteerism and fostering. While BARCS is fortunate that Baltimore City is providing the funding to cover the structure of the new building, BARCS will be raising private funds, in addition to our annual operating budget, in order to build or enhance the following areas of the new facility:

  • The outfitting of expanded veterinary exam space and surgery facilities. Our new surgery rooms require post-surgery recovery cages that provide animals recovering from surgery with a safe space to lay. BARCS’ medical program supports 6,000 spay/neuter surgeries and 110,000 veterinary exams and follow-up exams annually.
  • Along with expanded medical holding cages, high-quality medical equipment, including a new X-ray machine and cold laser therapy device, will enable BARCS to more effectively evaluate and treat animals in need. This new medical equipment will help our team to perform more procedures and treatments in-house, keeping the costs of medical care down while treating the animals who need it most.
  • Free-roaming group cat rooms will give cats in our care the ability to run, jump, climb, perch and socialize. These behaviors afford cats a sense of control over their environment, thus eliminating a major source of stress for sheltered cats.
  • New spaces for farm animals, small mammals and reptiles. Rather than moving these animals to a rescue partner, we will be empowered to provide care and adoption services in house for interested adopters. Wildlife animals in our care will no longer be sheltered in mixed-use area, but space appropriate for their species until they can be returned to the wild or sent to a rehab center.
  • A newly constructed dog play yard that will give our dogs to have some much-needed enrichment outdoors. These play yards are critical to a dog’s wellbeing, as it gives them the chance to combat their mental and physical stress. By running and playing, dogs become more adoptable and avoid deterioration in our shelter environment.
  • Newer and more up to date IT equipment, including computers, printers, an all in one copier/printer/fax so our staff can work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Expanded space allows for long-anticipated and fundamental growth of BARCS’ programs. The overall expansion means that additional equipment, supplies, educational materials and more must be purchased and maintained.

The fundraising campaign, entitled From Hope to Home, has a goal of raising $500,000 by the conclusion of 2019 in order to support the projects and programs mentioned above. “We’re doing incredible work despite the tremendous challenges our current facility presents,” Brause added. “We are excited for what the future will bring for Baltimore’s animals—and people—as we look forward to the new home.”

Renderings courtesy of BARCS

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