BARCS’ Five-Year-Old DAS SPAGHETS Looking for Her Forever Home

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We interrupt this BARCStoberfest messaging to bring you DAS SPAGHETS—or as her shelter records read, Spaghetti. Dis grape jelly filled ottman is an incredible specimen. The straight line from her chubby cheeks to her butt cheekies is a testament to nature’s great power.

Spaghetti prefers to be called by her self-chosen middle name, Whosagoodgirl. In biological years, she is 5. In unicorn years, she is a glittering rainbow.

Her earsies transmit cable and satellite reception so she can better ignore you when you call her. She only has time for napping with her marshmallow belly facing up, receiving pets from her humble servants and posing in ways Kim Kardashian only dreams of.

You can’t fully grasp her essence in a photo. Meeting DAS SPAHETS is something only the privileged few have the chance to do—and BARCS has been blessed immensely to be in her presence, if only for a short time before she finds her forever home.

We would ask you to come visit her, but frankly, you’re probably already rearranging your schedule or planning to ditch work to stop by. (And really, why wouldn’t you?) Her adoption fee is waived, because duh.


Adopting a shelter dog is truly saving a life. The shelters cannot save animals without support from the community in the form of adoptions, fostering, volunteering and donations.  If you would like to meet these pups, please visit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), located at 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, MD. 21230.  For directions:  BARCS is open to the public Monday through Friday 2pm-6pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm.  Please visit their website at to see these and other wonderful animals waiting hopefully for their forever homes.

For information about volunteering for BARCS, please contact or visit the website.  If you are interested in fostering, please contact  If you cannot adopt or foster the dogs but would like to help them on their quest to find a forever family, please share their story via social media or donate through the BARCS website.

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Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS) is a non-profit organization created in July 2005. BARCS takes in homeless and unwanted animals in Baltimore City as part of its mission to provide sanctuary for all animals and to promote a more humane community.
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