Local Foster Dog Gomez is Raising Money for Front Leg Surgery

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AARF Facebook Fundraiser:

Gomez is one in a litter of three puppies that AARF pulled from BARCS back in August, after someone left them in a box on a random front porch. Upon intake it was clear that all three puppies were malnourished, with sarcoptic mange, and in need of serious TLC.

Unlike his litter mates, Gomez could not romp and play without showing serious signs of pain in his front legs. After examination by our vet and orthopedic specialists at Skylos, we learned that he has some abnormal growth patterns in his two front legs – both ulnas have stopped growing, while the radius bone continues to grow, which puts a lot of painful pressure on his little elbow joints. Our goal is to correct this with surgery before it worsens (the radius could potentially pop his elbow joint, if it keeps growing), and while he’s young. The prognosis is very good, and puppy Gomez will be able to live a busy, happy, life free of pain!

If each one of our followers donated $1, we would blow through our goal to cover the cost of his corrective surgery – please share and donate to Help Gomez Heal!

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Gomez is currently living with a foster family in South Baltimore.

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