’s Weed Pulling Competition, June 30th!

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Are you sick and tired of all the weeds all over the streets, sidewalks and alleys in South Baltimore?  So are we at!

On Saturday, June 30th we are hoping to bring all of those weeds their worst nightmare!  Sponsored by No Idea Tavern, is launching the first Weed Pulling Competition in South Baltimore.

The rules are simple:

– Put together a team of people of any size (and sign-up by emailing

– Pull as many weeds as you can on June 30th

– Put them in trash bags (which can be provided by

– Call to get your weeds weighed and hauled off to the dump! (410-533-2990)

-Meet at No Idea Tavern at 4pm for the results, and share your weed pulling achievements with your neighbors!

Kevin Lynch will be riding around with a truck, scale and chart weighing bags of weeds and crediting them to particular teams.  The contest ends at 3pm so all the trash can get the the dump.

The team that removes the most pounds of weeds will win a $150 bar tab at No Idea Tavern.  But it doesn’t stop there, the 2nd place team will win a $100 bar tab at No Idea and the 3rd place team will win a $50 tab.  Free food and drinks and a cleaner neighborhood, you can’t beat it!

If you don’t have a lot of time to participate or put together a team, is challenging every South Balimore resident, property owner, and business to give us 20 minutes of your time and pull some weeds.  South Baltimore is becoming one of the great urban areas in America, but as long as it is covered in weeds, people will never see it at its finest!

If any additional businesses are interested in sponsoring to the contest, we’d love to add more prizes and raise money for more trash bags, weed killer and more.  We are also looking for additional drivers to help haul the weeds away.

If you are interested in participating, volunteering and/or sponsoring, please contact Kevin Lynch at

The Official Trailer


Teams signed up so far!

Hollins Weedeaters

Citizens of Pigtown

1800 Block of Light St.


Patapsco Power Pullers

1800 Block of S. Charles St.

Melissa’s Team


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