Important Crime Update in Federal Hill

| August 17, 2012 | 3 Comments

In case some of you haven’t heard, there have been a few armed robberies in the Historic Federal Hill area. Here is a description given of the suspects and the incidents:

– Multiple armed robberies took place between the dates of August 5th – August 11th in the Federal Hill neighborhood.
– Suspects are described as two black men, aged 18 – 20. One is described as having corn rows. They have not been apprehended at this point.
– All robberies have taken place after midnight and involved victims who were either walking or sitting outside of their home/apartment.
– Suspects have stolen cell phones and purses.
– Citizens are advised to be aware of their surroundings (particularly after 10pm) and immediately report suspicious persons in the neighborhood.

  • Jul 23rd at 12:50am on the 800 block of Battery Ave / robbery at gunpoint;
  • Aug 4th at 4:00pm on the 700 block of William Street / attempted robbery at gunpoint;
  • Aug 11th at 12:15am on the 1000 block of William Street / robbery at gunpoint; and
  • Aug 15th at 10:00pm on the 800 block of Battery / robbery (unconfirmed with Southern District at this time)

Here is an update from the Deputy Chief for Operations at the Mayor’s office following BPD’s Comstat, which is their weekly operational meeting:

The outcome of that meeting is that there will be “additional patrol officers in the neighborhood, most notably bike patrol, and assurance of officer presence at all times, including particular attention to coverage during shift changes and when calls come in to other locations. BPD has some promising leads at this time and hopes to make progress on this issue soon.”

“In the meantime, please, please communicate to your neighbors to call 911 if they see anything at all suspicious. BPD cannot get too much information. It’s also always OK to ask an officer on patrol to serve as an escort, particularly during late night hours. Please encourage your neighbors to accept these offers when our officers make them.”
From Councilman Cole:

I’ve personally spoken with Southern District Major Reitz several times in the last two days and I am convinced he is doing everything he can. I’ve also spoken to Deputy Commissioner Skinner and to the Mayor’s office. Nobody is ignoring this very unusual spike and the neighborhood is getting immediate attention from BPD.

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