How South Baltimore Voted on Critical Ballot Questions

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The ballot questions featured on the 2012 General Election were some of the most debated and heavily financed in the history of Maryland politics.  Let’s take a close look at how South Baltimore voted on the key questions of 4, 5, 6 and 7.  To analyze the results yourself, visit Senator Bill Ferguson’s site here.

Let’s explain the precincts we will be using for this analysis.  The boundaries aren’t exactly congruent with neighborhoods – and a realtor would basically call our entire study Federal Hill, Locust Point, Otterbein, Ridgely’s Delight and/or Pigtown.

Precinct 21-001- East Ridgely’s Delight
Precinct 21-002- Ridgely’s Delight/Barre Circle area
Precinct 21-003- West Pigtown
Precinct 21-004- East Pigtown
Precinct 22-001- Otterbein areaPrecinct 22-002- Otterbein/Federal Hill area
Precinct 23-001- Federal Hill South/SBNA area
Precinct 23-002-Basicallly Sharp Leadenhall
Precinct 23-003- Basically SBNA/Federal Hill West
Precinct 24-001- In between Federal Hill and Harborview
Precinct 24-002- Federal Hill South area
Precinct 24-003- Harborview/Riverside area
Precinct 24-004- Basically Riverside
Precinct 24-005- Basically Locust Point

Question 7

If anyone doesn’t know about Question 7 they probably had their power cut off for the entire fall.  The passing of Question 7 legalized table games in Maryland and allowed for a sixth casino license in Prince George’s County.

Question 7 has as large of an impact on South Baltimore as any area in Maryland because of the walking proximity of the new Horseshoe Casino to just about all of the neighborhoods, as well as the large potential for local impact funds. In fact, more votes were cast for or against Question 7 (9999) than for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney combined (9748).

Let’s see how they voted.  We’ll start with for, followed by against (ex. #(for)-#(against)):

21-001: 211-180/21-002: 382-280/ 21-003: 474-319/ 21-004: 141-89/ 22-001: 217-242/ 22-002: 369-403/ 23-001: 396-296/ 23-002: 303-212/ 23-003: 525-361/ 24-001: 184-192/ 24-002: 257-164/ 24-003 510-390/ 24-004: 745-556/ 24-005: 894-707

So of the 14 precincts, it was defeated in only three of them, 22-001 and 22-002, which both cover Otterbein, as well 24-001, which is our small area between Federal Hill and Harborview. The total count for our area of study is 5608 (56%) for and 4391 (44%) against, for a total of 9999 votes.   Also taking a look at Westport, Question 7 won in both precincts covering the area.

Though it was close, clearly South Baltimore was for Question 7.

Question 6

Question 6 also won in Maryland, which will soon allow gay and lesbian couples to obtain a civil marriage license in 2013 and beyond.  This won in all precincts of our study and with a pretty overwhelming majority in most of them.  Let’s take a look at the ones that were close.  It passed 264-174 (62%-38%) in 22-001, 477-296 (62%-38%) in 21-003 and 143-79 (64% -36%)  in 21-004.

Question 6 could have big financial ramifications on South Baltimore as it his home to Federal Hill, the Inner Harbor and many beautiful wedding venues, restaurants, salons, boutiques, hotels and more.

Question 5

There is a lawsuit for the wording of Question 7, but nothing about the wording (which I believe is very misleading) of Question 5. It states:

Congressional Districting Plan

Establishes the boundaries for the State’s eight United States Congressional Districts based on recent census figures, as required by the United States Constitution.

This question won overwhelmingly in this area as well as in the state which, in my own opinion, is truly a shame.  Here is the congressional map that passed.

Question 4

Question 4, otherwise known as the “Dream Act,” also passed allowing the children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at community colleges (then four-year schools after 60 credits) if the student graduates from a Maryland high school, as well as their parents paying state income taxes.  This was much more close than Question 5 or 6, but still passed in every precinct.

21-001: 295-93/ 21-002: 475-161/ 21-003: 518-239/ 21-004: 150-77/ 22-001: 276-152/ 22-002: 542-229/ 23-001: 463-210/ 23-002: 326-180/ 23-003: 508-360/ 24-001: 253-109/ 24-002: 290-128/ 24-003 606-288/ 24-004: 794-475/ 24-005: 922-652

The total was 6418 (66%) for and 3353 (34%) against for a total of 9771 votes.




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