Great Plates of Late in South Baltimore

| June 10, 2013 | 6 Comments

Let’s take a look at some of the dishes I’ve had recently in South Baltimore that really stood out. And, please don’t hesitate to share some of your favorites!

photoOur House Breakfast

Living in South Baltimore there are a lot of great restaurants and cafes to choose from to start your day and you can add Locust Point’s Our House at 1121 Hull St. to that list.  Located across the street from the headquarters of Under Armour, Our House has a laid back design meant to make you feel right at home.  Your order and tab is tracked by a playing card you are given and, with a fridge full of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the dining room, drinks are on the honor system.

Our House was started by a former owner of Matthew’s Pizzeria in Highlandtown (a favorite!) so the pizza is certainly a headliner on the menu.  We ordered the Spinach Breakfast Pie which included feta, spinach, egg and cherry tomatoes and an order of their French Toast.  The pie was the perfect size for breakfast and the combination of flavors melted in your mouth and reminded you why their pizza recipe grabs so many headlines.  The French toast very tasty and made using an incredibly fresh and soft loaf of bread.

I told them I would be back soon and I was a few days later as I couldn’t wait to try their prosciuttini sandwich on a fresh pretzel (same as Barfly’s) – also very good!

Thai Arroy Larb Kai

Thai Arroy is a local favorite that combines their great food with an always convenient and cost effective BYOB policy.  I’ve had many great meals at Thai Arroy, but found my self in a comfort zone ordering the same couple of things every time.

So we decided to get some recommendations from our server who immediately recommended their Larb Kai appetizer which was  chopped chicken breast with ground chili, pepper, onion, mint, lime juice and Thai spices.  This was SO tasty, fresh, refreshing, and flavorful that we were fighting over the last couple of bites.  I will definitely get it again the next time we go.

We also ordered a chicken curry dish and drunken noodles – both excellent!

Langermann’s Ribs

I’ve had the ribs appetizer at Langermann’s before and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I finally decided to go for the entree on a recent visit.  This is quite the plate of food including two slabs of ribs in their signature BBQ sauce, french fries and coleslaw.  The ribs were tender, the BBQ sauce was delicious and they were accented well by the sides.  I wanted to eat it all, but it was a ton of food.  I will definitely get the ribs at Langermann’s again, but next time I may not eat for an entire day leading up to it!

Social Pub & Pie Wings

A large group of us went into Social Pub & Pie on a Saturday afternoon allowing us to share several items.  We got two plates of wings for the group and they were quite the hit.  We got the ‘Hot’ and ‘Sweet Chili’ and I was a big fan of both.  There were baked – a great alternative to fried – and slathered in sauce and caramelized onions.  I really enjoyed both flavors and was excited when I was encouraged to have a couple more when our pizzas and sandwiches showed up.

Zella’s Pizzeria Pepperoni 

I’ve heard nothing but great things about the original ownership of Julie Ernst and Cem Ari at Zella’s and couldn’t wait to try their pizza when they returned to the Hollins Market restaurant in May.  I was attending the SoWeBo Festival and they were offering slices of pepperoni, as well as two other pies loaded with toppings, at an outside stand during the event.

I got a slice of their pepperoni and it was delicious!  The ingredients were fresh, the sauce was tasty and the dough was a nice mix between thin and deep dish.  I look forward to going back, getting more slices and trying more of what they have to offer.







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