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Please take a moment to contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee (below) and urge them, as a Maryland Resident, as a dog owner, and as a lover of animals, to PASS SB247 WITHOUT AMENDMENTS.

Rocco1The MD legislature is voting next week on this bill to overturn a ruling that labeled pit bulls inherently dangerous and put third party liability on landlords. Because of this ruling, many landlords have been forcing their tenants to get rid of their dogs or lose their home. Innocent, well-behaved, friendly family dogs are being surrendered to BARCS and other shelters at an alarming rate because they look like pit bulls. Dogs like Rocco.

Rocco was surrendered to BARCS on Sunday because his owners could not find any landlord willing to rent to them with a pit bull. They had tried all avenues for help, and finally brought Rocco to BARCS to avoid being homeless. They have had Rocco since he was 8 weeks old – he is great with dogs and kids, and he knows all kinds of tricks taught by his loving family. Both Rocco and his parents were visibly upset and crying when they were separated from one another.

Please help us stop this current ruling from tearing more families apart. Individual owners should be responsible and held accountable for their dog, no matter the breed. The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Thursday 2/13. Contact your state Senators and ask them to pass SB247 without amendments. The dogs of MD thank you!

ANTHONY MUSE, 410-841-3092,

BOBBY ZIRKIN, 410-841-3131,

BRIAN E. FROSH, 410-841-3124,

CHRISTOPHER B. SHANK, 410-841-3903,

JAMIE RASKIN, 410-841-3634,

JENNIE M. FOREHAND, 410-841-3134;

JIM BROCHIN, 410-841-3648,

LISA A. GLADDEN, 410-841-3697,

NANCY JACOBS, 410-841-3158,

NORMAN R. STONE, JR., 410) 841-3587,

STEPHEN S. HERSHEY, JR., 410-841-3639,

Rocco2                    Rocco3

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