Safe Alternative Launches ‘Yards For Success’ Flag Football Program

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Yards for Success


Safe Alternative Foundation for Education, Inc. (SAFE) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of informing others about the importance of obtaining an education, as well as having an alternate career plan in anticipation for life’s deviations. Safe Alternative Foundation for Education, Inc. prepares individuals for the possibilities of not being able to achieve their main life goals because of a life-altering event. SAFE emphasizes the importance of always having something to fall back on when life decides to take its own course.

Yards for Success

Taking place at Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School (Baltimore City), Yards for Success will bring together members of the local Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and 25 middle school students for a six week 7 vs. 7 flag football program. With a firm criterion highlighting education, fun, and fitness, this program will keep students off the streets, as well as help them develop healthy relationships with leaders of the community.

During the six-week program students, educators, and coaches will meet three times a week. Day one and two will dedicate 45 minutes to education followed by 45 minutes of football practice that will reinforce the lesson of the day. Day three will be game day in which the students will play against volunteer law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Before the conclusion of the program the students will have learned the importance of an education, teamwork, conflict resolution, accountability, along with leadership and life skills. The result of this will be safer communities.


Respect                                                  Communication

Developing good habits                           Leadership

Responsibility & Accountability              Social acceptance

Bullying                                                 Sportsmanship

Teamwork                                              Work ethic

Health & fitness

Volunteer & Sponsorship Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities:  can be used for community service hours

Educator – help students with homework and the lesson of the day

Coach – assist in practices and games

Referee – manage/officiate games

Grounds Crew – pre & post practice and game setup

Concessions – help organize, cook food, and sell snacks

Sponsorships Levels:

Fan – Gift of up to $100 (be a part of a great cause)

Player  – Gift of $250 (be a part of a great cause and mentioned on website)

Coach – Gift of $500 (be a part of a great cause, mentioned on website, and mentioned on all publicity)

Owner – Gift of $1,000 or more (be a part of a great cause, mentioned on website,

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