BARCS Raising Money for Sophia, Waiving Adoption Fee in June

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Sophia 1Baltimore, MD–  A medium-sized female 3 year old mixed-breed dog, was brought to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) on June 11 by Animal Control. Sophia was foundwith multiple scars on her face and head and sadly, her lower jaw is missing, as well as she is missing teeth in her upper jaw. The wounds on her face and lips are most likely bite wounds. She was examined and treated at BARCS and then immediately sent to a local veterinary hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Whatever happened to her has been very traumatic and in spite of her extensive injuries, Sophia is loving and trusting towards humans making her an ideal candidate for the BARCS Franky Fund, animals needing critical assessment and immediate lifesaving treatment that are sent to veterinary hospitals who have partnered with BARCS to evaluate and treat them at a lower cost to BARCS. BARCS does not have the funding or resources for expensive, specialized treatment of these homeless pets and relies on donations from the public to provide funding for the emergency medical care necessary to treat these injured homeless animals to give them a second chance at life.

BARCS is experiencing an unusually high influx of animals, beyond the 30-35 that are surrendered to BARCS daily. Racing to save more lives this summer, BARCS has waived the adoption fee on all animals for the month of June in hopes that the public will come to BARCS to adopt a wonderful shelter cat or dog.

If you would like to donate toward Sophia’s care or animals like her that are critically injured, please visit

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Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS) is a non-profit organization created in July 2005. BARCS takes in homeless and unwanted animals in Baltimore City as part of its mission to provide sanctuary for all animals and to promote a more humane community.
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