Ruppert Landscape Provides $180,000 Facelift to Pigtown’s Carroll Park

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Ruppert Landscape Release:


Baltimore, MD (October 10, 2014) Five hundred of Ruppert Landscape’s employees will provide nearly $180,000 worth of landscape renovations to Baltimore’s Carroll Park on Friday, October 10th.

The project will include demolition, excavation and grading work along with the installation of pavers, sod, perennials, grasses, groundcover, shrubs and trees. In total, over 5,000 man hours are being donated to bring this project to fruition.   

Located in Southwest Baltimore, Carroll Park is 117 acres and was originally part of the Mount Clare estate of Charles Carroll, Barrister, one of the original signers of The Declaration of Independence. Today, Carroll Park boasts an assortment of athletic fields, basketball courts, a neighborhood playground, a field house, a skateboard and bike facility, as well as a nine-hole golf course. The park also includes the original Mount Clare mansion, one of the two existing Federal-style mansions in Baltimore City.

“Carroll Park is at the heart of the Pigtown community and a Baltimore treasure,” said Ernest Burkeen, Director of Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Department. “The renovations performed by Ruppert Landscape help us advance the park’s five-year master plan and gives a much-needed facelift to the park, which is a hub for community recreation of all types from flag football leagues to concerts.”

This landscape installation and park renovation is part of an ongoing commitment to the Southwest Baltimore community known as Pigtown, which is home to one of Ruppert’s 16 branch offices. “When we began looking at potential sites, we wanted to pick a park where the need was great and where the community benefit would be great,” said Craig Ruppert, Ruppert Landscape CEO. “With so many acres in the park for the city to maintain, there were a number of areas where we thought we could lend additional manpower to help fine-tune the park’s 117 acres. We are happy to using our landscaping skills to benefit such a deserving community.”

The cooperation between several entities including Ruppert Landscape, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks (BCRP) and Pigtown Main Street has helped bring this park renovation to fruition in just 90 days’ time.  “From our very first encounter, the interest and responsiveness from all parties was overwhelmingly positive,” said (Craig) Ruppert. “The assistance and collaboration between so many—from city government to Pigtown vendors—really helped make this day a success.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Ruppert Landscape for their generosity in supporting the Pigtown community,” said Ben Hyman, Executive Director of Pigtown Main Street. “For nearly two years, Ruppert Landscape has donated flowers, trees and regular maintenance to Pigtown, to support our efforts to beautify our neighborhood.  As a result of their commitment and other efforts, we’ve opened eight new businesses, created dozens of jobs and invested hundreds of thousands in our community in the past 12 months.  Ruppert Landscape has been ‘whole hog’ behind our efforts and we couldn’t be more proud.”

Specifics about the Carroll Park Renovation

  • The total value of the park renovation with time and materials is $180,000 and there are over 5,000 man-hours invested.
  • Installation of football field. We will be removing two old baseball/softball fields that are currently being used to support flag football leagues. This will involve removing the existing chain-link backstop, benches and concrete footers and then leveling the multiple grades, raised pitcher mounds and infield mounds that were a hazard for the flag football leagues. To accomplish this, existing turf was removed, it was re-graded and 200 cubic yards of compost was incorporated into the top six inches of the field to provide a rich, organic and aerated root zone. Then 4,000 sq/yds of turf-type fescue was installed. The sod will be installed in about 10-minutes time, utilizing all 500 Ruppert employees and a few students from the Southwest Baltimore Charter School, located adjacent to the park.  When complete, the park will have two flag football fields that can be used simultaneously side-by-side.
  • Planting seventeen 3 ½”- 4” caliper trees. The trees—which include elm, linden and tulip poplar—were chosen in concert with landscape architecture firm Mahan Rykiel that developed the Five-Year Master Tree Plan for Baltimore City’s Department of Recreation and Parks. The species are native/indigenous shade trees that transplant well in the fall, therefore increasing their survivability and long-term health.
  • Installation of one, 10” linden tree using a 110” tree spade owned by Ruppert Nurseries (one of approximately 18 tree spades of this size in the country).
  • Removal of unhealthy trees.  An arbor care company was subcontracted to remove existing unhealthy trees and perform a “class 3” pruning of other trees, which includes removal of dead, diseased and dying limbs and branches. Additionally, stumps were removed where trees had died.
  • Planting over 500 perennials, shrubs and small evergreen trees at 17 locations throughout the park that align and accent park roadways and pathways. Baltimore City Recreation & Parks will be refurbishing a few of these walkways at a future date and these areas will add a mature and finished look.
  • Installation of 1,600 sq./ft. if of pavers in four picnic areas. The pavers vary in permeability to allow water to pass through to trees roots for the existing shade trees that create a canopy for picnickers. Special care was taken during the excavation process and paver profiles were raised to limit the interference with existing root systems.
  • There will be a number of other contests throughout the day including insect, disease and plant identification; fleet compliance inspections; small equipment skills/operation, excavator and skid steer/loader (heavy equipment) competitions, and a tug-of-war between branches. In total 17 branches, representing our 16 office and corporate staff, and about 20 kids from the Southwest Baltimore Charter School (SBCS) will be competing throughout the day (Note: SBCS will have a team of about (20) 6-7th grade kids there in the afternoon. Due to the equipment/other work in morning, they will only be participating in afternoon).
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