What are Good Questions to Ask When Interviewing Real Estate Agents?

| September 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

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Sponsored Post by:  Steven Murphy, Prudential PenFed Realty

In many industries, it seems all professionals are the same, they just have a different logo on their Business Card.  Does the average consumer really know the difference between shopping at Giant versus Safeway, or is there a difference between having your money with a Broker of Smith Barney versus Charles Schwab?  In the Real Estate business, you are hiring the professional directly to represent you & your interests in handling one of the (if not the) largest investments you have, your home.  To help you when considering a move, and the sale of your home, I’ve put together below a few good questions to ask of the Salesperson you are considering.  These questions just may help you understand differences among the Agents & Company you hire when listing your house for sale.

  • How long have you been licensed to sell real estate and are you a full time agent?
    • Knowing your agent is a seasoned professional and is working for you on a full time basis each day can be the key to a smooth transaction.
  • Do you work primarily in my Neighborhood or Market Place?
    • An agent who is familiar with your target market area will have the knowledge and insight into your competition and the qualified buyer market.  This is critical in real estate, maybe more so than other industries, as our communities have some clear differences among them which a salesperson can use to your advantage.
  • How many Buyers & Sellers have you assisted in my neighborhood over the past year?
    • Ask the agent for their individual sales not simply their company’s sales. Knowing that your agent has a strong track record and presence in your neighborhood can make all the difference.  Experience is important.
  • Will I be working with you directly or do you have a team focused on certain tasks?
    • In most relationships, communication is key, and it can be the difference between a smooth transaction or a bumpy road. Your partnership with your real estate agent is no different.
  • Can you explain the sale process and how I be kept up to date as things progress?
    • Make sure your agent is aware of your preferred form of communication, both method (text,email,phone, etc) & best times of the day (mornings, evenings etc.) to make sure you are a match.  This goes back to the ‘Communication is key”.
  • • How are you going to market my home beyond the Internet and MLS?
    • Look for someone who has a proactive approach along with some outside the box thinking.  Almost any home for sale is advertised on the MLS & the Internet.
  • On average, how many days does it take your system to produce an offer on one of your Listings & what is your ratio of the List price to the actual Sold price?
    • An experienced agent may come prepared with these numbers. These statistics can be facts you are looking for, especially if you like numbers.
  • Do you feel there are any drawbacks of my home which could make the sale a challenge?
    • Having an agent with a keen eye for staging can help you to see through the eye of a potential Buyer.
  • Can you provide references from 3 recent past clients?
    • Past clients will be your best reference into your agents’ customer service and track record.  This is a common request & something to expect from the person you interview.
  • Can you explain the timeline of what will happen & what I should expect once I begin working with you?
    • It’s important to know what’s happening behind the scene when your house is for sale. Once your house is for sale, days feel like weeks, & weeks can feel like a month if there’s not much happening.  It’s good to have an understanding of the progress made every week with  your home once it’s for sale.

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