Why Be Less When We Are Bmore

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photo 1There is an age old adage in sports that says, “Play for the name on the front your jersey instead of the one on the back.” This has been said by many coaches across all sports in hopes to develop a comradery between the players and the city they play for. Every player on every successful team openly states how their fans are the best and how they love the city they play for. But, just how genuine is it when they say this? Here in Baltimore, as our baseball team takes the national stage come Thursday evening, I can confidently say that the Orioles have embraced that adage.

Baltimore is a city that is by no means perfect and a city that, oftentimes, used to be a place that no outsiders wanted to visit. It was town that had a myriad of problems and was known more-times-than-not for all the wrong things. Despite the bad reputation, every Baltimorean took pride in where they lived knowing one day the city would rebound and live up to its name of “Charm City.” Sure there are still “bad” areas of the city, but in the last 20 years Baltimore has changed – among many things, the Inner Harbor has been built up, there are two tremendous stadiums, and “outsiders” are now choosing to live in Baltimore and raise a family here. It is a town of abundant pride, as well as mutual respect and friendship between everyone that calls it home. Baltimore is a city that has the feel of a small town – I mean there is a reason it is called Smaltimore after all. It is not a New York or Los Angeles and there isn’t a lot of glitz and glamour here, just a lot of hard working people who take pride in where they live. That is where the Orioles come in.

Prior to the season, nobody was picking the Orioles to make the playoffs let alone win the division. To the masses, there was no way Baltimore could compete with the likes of New York or Boston, or any other “big market” team for that matter. However, like the residents of the city, the Orioles believed in themselves and they knew they could be the best. No matter who got hurt on the field, another player filled their position and contributed. There were no excuses made during a loss, just an acknowledgment that the team would need to get better each and every day. The team didn’t get too low after loss or too high after a win, they kept grinding each day. Most of all, this team has a bond, one that I have not seen from any other team I have ever watched. They truly enjoy each and every one of their teammates and nobody wants to be the one to let the team down.

During the AL East championship celebration, the players made it a point to show the fans how much they appreciated us. They could have just celebrated in the locker room then went home, but they didn’t. They filtered out on to the field, high-fived and hugged fans, and made us a part of the celebration. Each player acknowledged how much the moment meant to not only them, but to the city of Baltimore. “I don’t know, maybe we are overdoing it a little bit, but so what, the fans deserve this,” said Zach Britton during a post-game interview in the dugout.

Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Nelson Cruz, and everyone who has put on the orange and black this season truly has played for the name on the front of their jersey instead of the one on the back. They have showed that yes we can compete and yes we can win – and that Baltimore does not need to take a back seat to anyone.

We are Baltimore and we are damn proud of that. The beer certainly is cold!

See you all at the Yard on Thursday! LET GO O’S!!!

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I have spent my entire 30 years living in Maryland and I love everything about this city. Despite the bad reputation the city has, Baltimore will always be a special place to me and I love living here. There is nothing better then Sunday afternoons at M&T Bank Stadium and summer nights at Camden Yards when the Yard is packed. You can find me all over the city so don't hesitate to share your opinion of me good or bad. Who knows, if you see me out maybe I will buy you a Natty Boh. Lets go Ravens and Lets go O's!!! Follow me on Twitter at @MRomanell.
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