Q & A with Nutreatious and Gundalow Juice CEO Dana Sicko

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Federal Hill resident Dana Sicko is the founder and CEO of Nutreatious, a personal chef business, as well as Gundalow Juice, the first cold-pressed juice wholesaler in the state of Maryland, both of which are based in South Baltimore’s Morrell Park Neighborhood. SouthBMore.com caught up with Sicko to learn more about her businesses and passion for nutrition.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.42.42 PMWhat is Nutreatious? How did you come up with the idea?

Nutreatious is a personal chef business that focuses on using fresh, wholesome ingredients to make our clients delicious and healthy dishes.  We strive to give time back to our clients’ lives by taking care of the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean up.  We even send over reheating instructions for properly reheating your food!

Right out of college I was working as a nutrition coach and I was always bringing in healthier versions of people’s favorite treats. I noticed that so many of clients were lacking the time needed to cook healthy and asked me to go ahead and start cooking for them in their homes.  I saw how powerful this service was to help people reach their goals.  I really wanted people to trust and see that eating healthy didn’t mean taking all of the flavor and fun out of food.

Tell us about the Nutreatious team and the relationships that are formed from cooking in people’s homes.

I work with the most spectacular group of women at Nutreatious.  They come from all different backgrounds: classically trained, nutritional sciences degrees, incredible mothers who have mastered getting their kids to eat healthy, and more!  I always hire my team on personality because that is not something that you can teach and it is incredibly important that our clients feel comfortable with whomever is in their home.  Our motto is “Simplifying the healthy life in the most delicious way.”

The most wonderful thing we hear from our clients is when the chef becomes part of the family.  To touch people’s lives through food is incredible and to be able to do that on a weekly basis while getting to know the entire family is the most wonderful feeling.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.59.41 AMWhat are some of your philosophies for a healthy diet?

I like to simplify my thinking for a healthy diet so these are three main principles I stick to:

1.  Eat as close to source as possible (meaning as natural as possible, food that hasn’t been fussed around with too much)

2. Choose foods with minimal ingredients

3. Eat foods only with ingredients that you can pronounce

Tell us about Gundalow Juice. How did it get started?

Gundalow was started because one client was consistently ordering juices from a company in New York, but only liked half of the flavors that he was ordering.  He asked if I could make a better tasting juice and that evening I went out bought a juicer, some mason jars and started making up a bunch of flavors that I knew he would like.  I found similar stories for more people, they didn’t like the flavors of pre-made juices and the time and energy to make the juices that tasted good was not realistic for their lifestyle.  So I would travel to people’s home with my juicer, just like our personal chefs and make up fresh juices for people.  Once I found flavors that a lot of people liked I started looking into making a wholesale juice company.  I wanted to some how bottle the experience of Nutreatious and Gundalow was a wonderful way to do exactly that.

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“Juicing” seems very popular these days. What are some benefits of your juice?

Juices are a wonderful way to get a lot of wonderful nutrition into your system in a very convenient way.  Our juices are never heated so the vitamins and minerals remain intact and absorbed quickly by your body to increase your energy.  The biggest benefit of our juice is that they taste amazing and there is a juice for everyone.  If you want to try a juice with vegetables but are a little nervous then we have our Gundalow Green flavor that has an amazing burst of pineapple, but you would never think it also has celery, cucumber and spinach!

Where can people find Gundalow and what are your goals for expanding its distribution?

We are expanding in different spots around the Baltimore City and surrounding counties.

Rev Cycle
MAC Harbor East
MAC Timonium
Humble and Hungry Cafe (located in the Under Armour Global Headquarters)
Ruah Yoga
Charm City Yoga Midtown
Inline Group Fitness
Bare Hills Racquet and Fitness
Peace Yoga Bel Air
MAC Express

We are excited to be growing in the fitness community and we also are planning on moving into some local restaurants and markets.

What do you like about living in Federal Hill and running a business in South Baltimore?

I love it here! I love that we are just a quick walk to bars, restaurants, the stadiums, and nightlife, but most of all I love the people! We have hired incredible people, I am constantly surrounded by other movers and shakers (we do share a warehouse with Pixilated Photo Booth) in the neighborhood and I love that I never have to look far for inspiration!  I feel constantly surrounded by support and excitement.  There is no better time to be in Baltimore and it is absolutely the best time to have a business here!

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