3 Bean Coffee Opens on Key Highway in Federal Hill

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Siu (O’s hat) getting work done at 3 Bean Coffee. Photo by Jessica Leigh Photography.

3 Bean Coffee opened in Federal Hill in a new 1100 sq. ft. coffee shop at 209 Key Hwy. 3 Bean Coffee is the creation of Ed Siu, a Federal Hill resident who relocated to Baltimore from Durham, North Carolina a few years ago.

Siu and his family came to Baltimore to help start a Baltimore branch of Jesus Our Redeemer, a popular church in Durham, at 113 Warren Ave. in Federal Hill. Siu, a software salesman by trade, knew he also wanted to start his own business and began brainstorming with his wife more than a year ago about what direction they should go. Siu is a big fan of craft coffee and brewing his own creations and he also loves all the aspects that make up a community.

With his passion for coffee and community, the direction became obvious. The coffee shop idea became a reality when Siu met Chris Deluca of McHenry Project Consultants at CrossFit Federal Hill. They discussed putting together a business plan and the costs of the shop, and then things began to materialize.

The team began looking for locations in many different neighborhoods in Baltimore and eventually fell in love with the Key Hwy. location because of its visibility and location on a route that is filled with morning commuters. Owning a business just a few blocks from Siu’s home was also very appealing.

The Sius now have four children, with a newborn at home, but while planning the business they called their three kids the “three beans.” 3 Bean was initially tossed out there as a name for the shop during the brainstorming process, but they kept coming back to it because it was “catchy.” Three beans are also very prevalent in the menu with coffee beans for coffee, cacao beans for chocolate, and vanilla beans for ice cream.

Siu reached a deal on the space on Key Hwy. in April. After a few permit delays and a 6-7 week build out, the shop opened last weekend. 3 Bean Coffee serves coffee drinks in partnership with Counter Culture, a favorite of Siu’s from Durham, including specialty drinks, espressos, cold brews, pour overs, and add-ons featuring homemade syrups. Their teas are in partnership with Pursuit of Tea out of New York. 3 Bean also offers sodas, smoothies, protein shakes, and kombucha.

3 Bean Coffee is partnering with Baltimore-based Dangerously Delicious on breakfast quiches, as well as savory and sweet pies. They will also be serving pastries, bagels, and RX bars. Ice creams – including vanilla, chocolate and espresso flavors from Baltimore’s Prigel Family Creamery – will also be served, in addition to milkshakes.

3 Bean Coffee will be open daily from 6am to 10pm. Siu plans on hosting game nights, movie nights, and coffee trainings, and the space has a room available to rent for meetings and get-togethers. The interior of 3 Bean Coffee is filled with designs and furniture from Federal Hill-based Sandtown Millworks. It also features concrete floors and exposed brick as Siu was hoping to celebrate the imperfection of the space, as well as local materials.

3 Bean Coffee has seven employees including General Manager Phillip Glenn and CFO Nate Dunkin.

Siu is happy to be open and is hoping to add more locations in the future. “Baltimore is an awesome and thriving city. We’re excited to be open and we look forward to having many conversations with the community,” he said.

Photos by Jessica Leigh Photography

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