South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Announces $742,708 in Community Grants

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South Baltimore Gateway Partnership press release: 

The South Baltimore Gateway Partnership (SBGP) announces $742,708 in Community Grants to support 29 projects across South and Southwest Baltimore. This round of funding attracted proposals totaling more than $2.1 million. Community Grants are awarded based on previously determined criteria, including alignment with strategic goals. SBGP Community Grants funding is provided by the Local Impact Grants generated by video lottery terminals, including at the Horseshoe Casino Baltimore. Since its establishment in 2016, SBGP has committed approximately $26.8 million of core intergovernmental Local Impact Grant funds to projects across the SBGP District, ranging from small community grants to large capital projects.

Community Grants funding ranges from small “spark” grants under $2,000, to large grants reaching up to $100,000, which Paul’s Place in Pigtown was awarded this application cycle. Their Executive Director, Tim Regan says, “We are grateful to be awarded this funding to support the installation of a community kitchen garden on Ward Street. With a garden to grow produce, we’ll be able to turn currently unused space into one that will help us further our mission to address food insecurity and grow public health knowledge around nutrition. We’ll also increase support of the Paul’s Place community kitchen on Ward Street, along with our culinary training program housed at Groundwork Kitchen on Washington Boulevard. This is an exciting opportunity to transform our campus on Ward Street in service to the community.”

A rigorous application review process ensures that awards are distributed equitably and are diverse and inclusive in geographic location and project type. Youth in Westport and Cherry Hill will receive support through Improving Education’s grant. “Early childhood education is the foundation of school and life success, and we’re so proud to collaborate with children, families, and the Head Start program at Westport Academy through our All Children Ready initiative. Funding will allow us to improve Kindergarten readiness while changing the trajectory of student success and empowering children and families to succeed in school,” says Jarrod Bolte, CEO.

In Sharp-Leadenhall, youth support will come in the form of technology assistance. Joyce Dingle, Director of Outreach for theSouth Creek Community Development Corporation says, “We live in an increasingly technological and digital society, and we want to ensure that the students who attend the SHARPkids Program have access to the computers, computer networks, and software to participate in it. We know that access to these tools and resources increases students’ ability to work cooperatively with each other, give peer tutoring, improve motivation, and increase self-esteem.  With this grant, we can continue to support children in Sharp-Leadenhall in enhancing achievements even after the school-day has ended.”

In addition to the projects described above, Community Grants funding will support a variety of other programs:

  • The “Green Lions Collaborative” project will bring residents together to grow food, cook, and exchange ideas from different cultures. It will also fully transition a school-based garden into a community-engaged garden and will promote collective action to ensure its maintenance and sustainability. (The University of Maryland Foundation, Inc d/b/a the UMBC Foundation, Lakeland)
  • The “Steel Boxes and Signs” project will update garden planters and install signage for gardening and compost bins at two garden sites with approximately 18 community members that currently conduct maintenance and improvement.(Pigtown Food For Thought, Pigtown)
  • RICH’s “Youth Leadership Program” will provide year-round youth programming and workforce development offerings including entrepreneurship, photography, modeling, STEM education, rowing, and self-development. The new RICH Juice Bar will generate additional revenue for community-based workforce development. (RICH – Restoring Inner City Hope, Cherry Hill)
  • The 31st Annual Federal Hill 4th of July Parade aims to bring together Federal Hill and surrounding communities to celebrate the neighborhoods’ charm and history. (Stars & Stripes Parade Committee, Federal Hill)

A full list of Community Grants awards can be found here.

In addition to Community Grants, SBGP offers smaller Clean and Green Grants through the Enhanced Services Program. Funding up to $5,000 can support projects in the SBGP District under the following categories: Waste Reduction through Environmental Sustainability (composting, reusable products, etc.), Trash Removal (community cleanups, bulk trash removal, contracts for services, etc.), Capital Investments (trash receptacles, facilities, etc.), and Education & Training, (PSA campaigns, workshops, etc.). Using this grant, Neighborhood Design Center fully-funded their Trash Dash event in April 2023, with over 50 volunteers removing more than 80 bags of trash from Middle Branch Park in Cherry Hill. This funding is currently available on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply here:

A new round of SBGP Community Grants funding will be available this coming summer in 2023. Visit to learn more and apply.

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