Floating Hotel Business ‘FLOHOM’ Manufacturing Boats in Baltimore Peninsula

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Floating hotel business FLOHOM, which already has two luxury houseboats at marinas in Baltimore, will manufacture its future boats in garages at the Port Covington Marina in the Baltimore Peninsula development in South Baltimore. The garages were part of the former Tidewater Yacht Service which closed in 2019.

FLOHOM is a startup by entrepreneurs Marcellous Butler, Brian Meyer, and Jerry South.

FLOHOM’s first boat, FLOHOM 1, is located in the Inner Harbor Marina. It is 800 sq. ft. with one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a rooftop deck. The 780 sq. ft. FLOHOM 2 is at Port Covington Marina and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a rooftop deck. Both have a complimentary parking space.

FLOHOM 3 was recently launched at Ferry Point Marina in Arnold. The company hopes to have another FLOHOM in the water in Baltimore by the end of the year.

“Baltimore is doing really well,” said Meyer. “People don’t realize how beautiful Baltimore is from the water.”

He noted the FLOHOM 1 is mostly booked and FLOHOM 2 is starting to pick up momentum.

Bookings for the Baltimore FLOHOMs start at $300 a night.

FLOHOM also works with guests to schedule private chefs, yoga sessions, and to celebrate special occasions on the houseboats.

FLOHOM’s goal is to have a floating network of hotel houseboats in Baltimore as well as up and down the Chesapeake Bay. The company is also interested in establishing floating communities that could be suited for homeownership or long-term rentals. Future houseboats may also be sold to customers who can dock their boats wherever they choose.

The first five FLOHOM houseboats are or are being constructed by a builder in Upstate New York, but the company is currently constructing its beta boat at Baltimore Peninsula. The hulls are made in Florida and Butler, who has 30 years of experience in the construction industry, is leading the construction of the modular homes on top of the hulls in South Baltimore.

Meyer said they will eventually start manufacturing two FLOHOMs at a time. When production picks up, FLOHOM will hire additional employees and start a workforce development program. He noted they may eventually move manufacturing to the Impact Village building in Baltimore Peninsula.

Photos of FLOHOM1 Courtesy of FLOHOM

Photos of FLOHOM2 Courtesy of FLOHOM

Boat under construction at Port Covington Marina. Photo courtesy of FLOHOM

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