Locust Point Community Garden Moving to Latrobe Park

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The Locust Point Community Garden (LPCG) will be moving from its current home at 1134 Hull St. to a new location at Latrobe Park. The new location sits just east of Francis Scott Key Elementary Middle School (FSK) and in between the softball field and the alley behind Latrobe Park Terrace.

LPCG’s current location, where it’s been for five years, is a lot that is currently for sale by Under Armour. The garden must be out of this location by December 15th.

Under Armour is helping to move garden beds and equipment to the new location.

Perennials planted around the garden have been distributed to Latrobe Park and to different gardens in West Baltimore.

Dave Arndt, chair of the LPCG, told, “We are very thankful for Under Armour for helping us have a thriving community garden for five years. On the other hand, we are very disappointed in them moving out of Locust Point and not being able to donate this one piece of property to Baltimore Green Space.”

Arndt did note that “it’s easier to sell a piece of land that doesn’t have a garden on it” as it “doesn’t put the onus on the developers to kick the garden out.”

Under Armour released the following statement about the garden earlier this year:

“As Under Armour moves forward with its new corporate headquarters at Baltimore Peninsula, the company is also preparing to exit from its Tide Point location by the end of 2024. As a result, we have begun to notify the Locust Point community about some potential changes, including the sale of residential lots currently owned by Under Armour. We appreciate that since 2018 the community garden has become a source of pride for the community, but as we consolidate our footprint, we will no longer maintain the residential lots where the garden is located. We anticipate that these properties will be put on the market and sold at some point in the near future. Under Armour has enjoyed a strong partnership with the Locust Point Community, which has allowed us to maintain an open campus for all to enjoy. We look forward to sharing just how important this partnership has been with the future owner(s) of these properties.”

LPCG worked with the Locust Point Civic Association and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks to find a spot for the garden. Two spots were identified, before the new spot was chosen.

Some invasive plants and trees at the site of the new garden were cleared out in recent days. Some of these plants were surrounding an electrical box and street light.

Arndt said they will be preserving a tree line between the park and the Latrobe Park Terrace alley, but they hope to eventually replace those trees in a phase two of the project with trees that provide better soundproofing for neighbors.

The new garden will be 66′ 8″ deep and 108′ long. Drawings show room for 94 plots, which is a reduction from the current 110 plots, however some of those 110 plots were used by Under Armour employees.

Arndt expects there to always be a waiting list for plots.

The garden will also have a berry patch, shed, compost area, perennial beds surrounding the fence, and an open lawn area.

LPCG is estimating it needs to fundraise around $46,000 for the new garden. Needs include a water line and an 8′ tall fence.

Arndt said they have an ambitious goal to get the garden open by the spring. The group will be soliciting local business for donations. A link for personal donations has also been posted online.

Kevin Gaughan, a neighborhood resident and owner and principal of FORM Garden Design, is doing the design work for the new garden pro bono.

LPCG hopes to form a strong partnership with FSK, which has its own Garden Club and plots. LPCG will also give the school access to the garden for retrieving balls that may end up in the garden from play areas behind the school.

FSK is currently adding a new playground, mural, and soccer goals to an area adjacent to the site of the new garden.

“We are very excited about the new home and working with the community to put a garden at Latrobe Park,” said Arndt.

He noted LPCG has received nothing but positive feedback about the new location. “With this, we realize how much the community really wants green space and garden space,” he said.

Renderings courtesy of FORM Garden Design

Future Site

Current garden site 

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