Pub Dog – Simple and Satisfying!

| February 16, 2012 | 1 Comments

When I first moved to South Baltimore, I stumbled upon Thirsty Dog Pub.  A cozy spot filled with really old pictures of Baltimore, the smell of fresh pizza and dogs laying patiently under tables – also, you couldn’t order just one beer, you had to get two!  Immediately I thought, this is exactly why I like Federal Hill.

Since then a copyright issue led them to change their name – now Pub Dog – and the health department cracked down on dogs in restaurants.  Shouldn’t it be up to people if they are okay with eating in a restaurant with dogs or not?  They also added a second location in Columbia and put a third story addition on their Cross St. location.

After all of these changes, Pub Dog in Federal Hill remains a great bar.  They specialize in pizza and beer, which is an easy way to someone’s heart.  They offer 11 microbrews which all have a simple name like Blond Dog, Peach Dog or Hoppy Dog.  They also offer seven “Mixed Breeds,” which are tasty mixes of their 11 brews with great names like Boxer, Beagle and Bloodhound.  The best part of all, you have to order a pair of beers that come in small mugs.  My friends and I have spent many conversations debating how big the mugs are, but it really doesn’t matter… when you have to double-fist just to get started, a good time awaits.

Then there is the menu consisting of three appetizers, five salads and more than 20 selections of Pizza.  I recommend the pizza!  The pizzas are individual thin crust pizzas that all cost less than $9.75.  The pizzas, often ready in just ten minutes, offer great combinations of toppings.

In my recent trip to Pub Dog we ordered a House Salad, an Atomic Dog Pizza and a Chicken Pesto Pizza and it was the perfect combination of hot and mild flavors.  The Atomic Dog is topped with hot sauce, hot cherry peppers, smoked gouda, mozzarella, smoked bacon, pepperoni and red onion. It was a delicious combinations of fresh flavors – just make sure you have plenty of water and beer to handle the heat! The Chicken Pesto Pizza – with pesto sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken and tomatoes – also hit the spot.  The service was quick, our server was friendly and we left stuffed and satisfied.

If you are looking to throw on your Sunday’s best, drink a martini and be “somebody,” Pub Dog is not your spot.  But, if you are looking to have a great casual meal, some tasty beers and a laid-back night with your company or fellow bar patrons, Pub Dog is a great option.



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