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Just a few updates for the dog blog this week.  There are still signs posted for a missing dog named Sawyer, last seen on 1/7/12 at the Harris Teeter in Locust Point.  There was some internet activity about him a few weeks ago.  If anyone sees him please call Alexis at 410-258-4289 or if he has already been found we would love an update.

The BBJ is reporting that the American Kennel Club has named the Labrador Retriever as the most popular breed of dog in Baltimore, as well as  throughout the country.  No surprise as there is always a surplus of Yellow, Chocolate and Black Labs around South Baltimore.  Labs are great dogs and there is a lot of quality breeders of them in Maryland.  Their lifestyle fits in well with Chesapeake Bay living and of course our state dog is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  One great thing about South Baltimore is that not only are there a lot of labs, but I think I’ve seen every breed of dog at least once, plus a lot of great mixes.

Through walks to Riverside Park and conversations in the neighborhood, I keep hearing about a dog park in the works at Riverside Park.  If anyone has any additional information about the project, and the fundraising, let us know!  We’ll do our best to spread the word.  I know efforts have been in place for years to try to get a dog park at the park.  I don’t go to Riverside as often as I used to, but I know that citations given for dogs off the leash have been a huge problem in the past.  Hopefully a place for dogs to roam free without harassment from animal control will be in the near future for Riverside.

In other dog park related news, it appears there is an official dog park in Downtown Baltimore.  I heard about the possibility a couple years ago, but never heard a follow up.  Today in a meeting with Downtown Partnership of Baltimore they said that the dog park is there and being used. It is located on a small strip of grass between Park and Liberty and Baltimore and Fayette.  This fenced in space is a much needed resource for the dog owners downtown.  Glad to hear this actually happened.

I’d like to thank everyone for the pictures that have been sent for our Dogs of South Baltimore Gallery.  We now have 16 great pictures and are looking for more!  Send them to with a name, neighborhood and caption.

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