Busy Night for SBNA: Recap of March’s Neighborhood Meeting

| March 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

At last night’s monthly SBNA meeting, many important topics regarding the South Baltimore community were discussed. Highlights of the hour-and-a-half meeting included:

  • The Circulator’s Banner Route is slated to start running this May. SouthBMore.com recently covered the frustrations of South Baltimore and Riverside residents and businesses in regards to the limitations of this route. In SouthBMore.com’s sit down with Councilman Cole, he said that he is committed to expanding the Purple Route further south into South Baltimore.
  • Harrah’s Casino presented a bill last Monday to have a 4 am liquor license on Fridays and Saturdays. SBNA voiced the need for increased security between the neighborhood and proposed venue. To learn more about Harrah’s plans, watch this SouthBMore.com video.
  • Brightside Boutique & Art Studio owner, Christie Griffiths, spoke to SBNA about her new woman’s clothing store and her desire to get a zoning permit to include a private, appointment-only tattoo salon in the back of the boutique. Griffiths has a hearing on this matter scheduled for March 20th. SBNA showed their support for the small-business owner.
  • David Rather, owner of Mother’s Federal Hill Grille, spoke to the association about his interest in applying for a live entertainment permit. Rather is seeking a permit to have live entertainment twice a week, in addition to special occasions such as Orioles Opening Day. He addressed noise concerns associated with live music and also reiterated his dedication to working closely with the neighborhood during, and after, the permit process.
  • SBNA agreed to send a letter of support for the Rowhouse Grille’s purchase and transfer of Corks’ 7-day liquor license to the Light St. restaurant. The hearing for this license is slated for Thursday, March 8th.
  • Andrew Dunlap of the Taco Spot discussed his desire to expand the space of the current venue to include increased restaurant seating. The restaurant has plans to add approximately 20 more seats to the restaurant, in addition to extra bar seating, in the 1,000 sq. foot space north of the current venue. They are seeking to purchase and transfer the 6-day liquor license from the now non-existent Federal Hill Lounge. SBNA agreed to send a letter of support with a memorandum of understanding.
  • The three entrepreneurs behind the 1834 South Charles property (Pabst Castle) addressed the association about their plans for the brew pub/tap room, which is still eight to nine months out. Parking was a major concern among members of the neighborhood, but the developers are working to address this issue by providing 10-12 on-site parking spots and access to additional spots on the 1800 block of Hanover. More to come as developments move forward.

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