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| May 9, 2012 | 3 Comments

Sid’s Reopens as Pigtown’s Finest Deli

Pigtown’s Finest Deli has opened at the former Sids on the northwest corner of Washington Blvd. and West Cross St.  This is another improvement for the corner as it sits across the street from the boarded up buildings that have just been demolished.  Here was information about Pigtown’s Finest Deli from our visit to the the February Citizens of Pigtown meeting:

A gentleman name Ramzi is hoping to open a grocery, carryout and delivery store at 1100 Washington Blvd.  The location is the old Sids, a bar whose liquor license was revoked by the Baltimore Liquor Board.  Ramzi has three other similar stores in New York, but he will be living and working at the location in Pigtown.  The place will be open 6am-12am and vows to be a model citizen.  They vowed to not tolerate loitering or littering.

New City Mart with For Commercial Lease Sign

It appears that New City Mart at 1184 Washington Blvd. is a commercial space available for lease.  The space is at the corner of Ostend St. and Washington Blvd., which from my experiences is the worst looking corner in Pigtown.  It features Smitty’s Sub Shop which has one of the worst paint jobs I’ve ever seen, Bob’s Bar which has people smoking outside of it at all times and an out-of-business storefront at the third corner.

Let’s hope someone takes over this space and puts something nice in because this corner will need to improve for Pigtown to reach its potential as it may be the highest traffic intersection of the neighborhood.

Demolition at Washington and Cross Completed

The wall of blight at the corner of Washington Blvd. and West Cross St. has officially been eliminated and is currently just a lot with straw for growing grass.  A terrific addition by subtraction and hopefully a future site for a quality business in Pigtown.  In the meantime the site will potentially be used for community events, farmers markets and more.

Carl’s Little House available at Auction Tomorrow (Thursday)

The auction of Carl’s Little House is tomorrow at 2pm.  Make sure to show up and make a bid if you are intersted in this Pigtown bar opportunity.  From our April 30th update:

A bar in a really good location will be available at an AJ Billig Auction on May 10th at 2pm.  Last called Carl’s Little House, a three rowhouse wide bar with a liquor license and package good license will be available to the highest bidder.  The bar is located at 1169-1173 Hamburg St. on the  corner of Ostend St.  The 1100 block of Hamburg St. is one of the nicest blocks in Pigtown and is a very short walk to the Ravens Stadium and the future casino development.

It is also directly across the street from a huge property once eyed for a minor league soccer stadium, but could still be a hot property for development if not eventually used for a soccer stadium.  Many are predicting a big spinoff effect from the casino for the many warehouses surrounding it. If so, this bar could be right in the middle of the action a few years down the road.

Update: Carl’s Little House was sold for 145K to a gentleman at the auction.  Not sure if he’ll run the bar or lease the place, but hopefully it becomes a great new Pigtown bar.

Zips with a New Paint Job

Zips Dry Cleaners is working on a new paint job for their new Washington Blvd. location.  They are at the corner of the strip of businesses and are painting yellow and black checkers on the front, side and back of the dry cleaner.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some resistance to the color scheme, but it certainly gives some life to a shopping center that has looked very dead for many years.  With the addition of Dollar General and Zips, there is only one vacancy remaining at the shopping center.


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