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Here are some points of interest from the South Baltimore Neigborhood Association (SBNA) Newsletter:

Parking at 1901 South Charles

At an earlier SBNA meeting, concern was voiced over parking at the new 1901 South Charles apartment building and whether every tenant would have to pay extra for parking in their garage.  Jonathan Mayers from Chesapeake Realty Partners told SBNA he would look into it. He returned for the May meeting to let everyone know that every apartment would come with one free parking spot and if a tenant declines having a spot, they will have to prove they do not own a car.  Good news!

Chesapeake Realty Partners Lawyer Stanly Fine also requested support to bring the Charm City Circulator Purple Route to Wells Street, the community approved.

Old Centro/Bicycle

From the newsletter:  1444 (old Centro) Cecilia Benalcazar – Ms. Benalcazar and her husband are the new owners of the property. They want to create a “farm to table” family style restaurant. They will serve beer and wine. SBNA voted to support the transfer of the liquor license. 

Victory House Under Pressure, as well as everyone I have ever spoken to in the southern end of South Baltimore, has voiced their displeasure with the Victory House which is the large grey complex at the corner of Light and Heath St.  The Victory House is rent-by-week rooms with shared bathrooms and a kitchen.  I personally had the chance to speak with three different police officers in the past week and every single one of them reiterated the impact that removing the Victory House could do for the area.  There is no doubt the property attracts drug users. There is also currently three Maryland Sex Offenders registered to the property, which is across the street from Thomas Johnson Elementary/Middle School. is also hearing that the property is under enormous pressure at the moment and to stay tuned.  Here is information from the newsletter:

Victory House – 1702-1708 Light Street – both the health department and police department are investigating possible sanitation violations and illegal activity. During the cop walk (May 7th) the plan is to bring the issue to the Police Commissioners’ attention. has also heard that there have been many attempts to buy this property, but the property owner has been very difficult to deal with.  As someone who lives very close to the Victory House, I am cheering any and all efforts for its removal.  I’m not sure there is anything that comes up more in this section of the neighborhood  than people’s displeasure with the property.  If the Victory House is removed, the southern end of South Baltimore will be as nice as every other section of the peninsula. If not, it will continue to weigh the area down.  Let’s hope for good news!

The Reserve/1542/[Insert Name Here]

I’ve been bombarded by emails and information the last few days from people letting me know that 1542 Gastropub will be no more and that they are moving their staff to Banditos, which is the expanded Taco Spot.  Hopefully a new bar/restaurant that excels at consistency will take over the spot at 1542 Light St. that has had more faces than a Michael Jackson through the years photo album.

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