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Fiesty Goat Pub Available for Auction

Baltimore Business Journal is reporting that Riverside’s Fiesty Goat Pub at 1400 Key Highway is being sold at auction by Alex Cooper Auctioneers June 27th at 230pm. From the Article:

Luciani (Real Estate Agent) declined to say why Fred Gross, the owner of the bar, decided to put the Feisty Goat up for auction. Gross is the managing member of F&M Goat LLC, the holding company that owns the location.

“It’s nothing like people may imagine,” Luciani said of the unstated reason to sell the property. “They just asked me not to.”

Fiesty Goat is definitely an interesting opportunity if someone is willing to make a 10-year investment.  Key Highway will be undergoing massive changes in the near future as it transitions more into an avenue for business and residential.  Fiesty Goat is across the street from several buildings slated for redevelopment including the old Fire Department building, Globe Brewing building, a mechanic shop property slated for redevelopment, and close to Arsh Mirmiran’s upcoming Riverside Wharf Development.  Harborview has future plans for two additional towers, as well the potential completion of the Federal Place townhome development.  So while the location may not be the best currently, it could be very prime in the future.

Carl’s Little House Penalized 

Pigtown’s Carl’s Little House was purchased last month at auction, and extensive renovations were underway at the Hamburg St. bar.  Unfortunately there was a building permit violation with the renovations and the Baltimore Housing Authority has posted a note on the door requiring all unpermitted work to be removed.  Hopefully these violations are resolved quickly as Pigtown is in need of nice new bars and restaurants.

Cafe Calypso and Bobby’s? reported earlier about issues with Cafe Calypso, their liquor license and an upcoming tax sale on the property.  Cafe Calypso and Bobby’s are appearing on this liquor board notice and we are awaiting more information, but we are being told that both businesses will remain open.

Liquor Board Tranfer Notice:

em>Calypso Pan, LLC Transfer of ownership & location from 771 Washington Boulevard
Maria Garrison 1140 S. Paca Street, requests for outdoor
table service and off-premises catering

Hollins Market Transfers wrote yesterday about Cockey’s plans for their new Arlington St. location as they transfer a liquor license to their restaurant as well as the adjacent building and beer garden.  They are also seeking approval for live entertainment and off-premises catering.

Market Mafia, LLC Transfer of ownership from contract 39-43 S. Arlington Street
Robert Cockey, Arnold Posey purchaser, expand license to include 
41 &43 S. Arlington St. for business, request to add outdoor table service,live entertainment and off-premises

Cockey’s old location at 1116 Hollins St. became Amour Amour and their liquor license transfer is under review.  The transfer was approved March 24th, 2011 and was granted a 60-day extension on January 4th, 2012 .  Hopefully the transfer is still in the works as it would be another nice business added to the area surrounding Hollins Market.  Cockey’s, Zellas and Amour Amour would be a great foundation for building a nice restaurant district in SoWeBo.

Damon Hawkins, Eclectic Enterprise, Inc. T/a Amour Amour, 1114-16 Hollins Street – Class BD7 Beer, Wine & Liquor license – Review of long standing transfer under the provisions of Article 2B §10-503(d)(4) “A transfer of any license shall be completed not more than 180 days after the Board approves the transfer” (Re: Transfer of ownership approved on February 10, 2011; sixty day extension granted on January 4, 2012) 

Harborview Liquors License Review

The liquor license transfer to upcoming Harborview Liquor at 547-49 E. Fort Avenue is also under review.  It appears the interior and exterior renovations are almost complete at Harbor View so hopefully the license is successfully transferred and the business opens soon.

John Giorgakis, Contract Purchaser, 547-49 E. Fort Avenue – Class “A” Beer, Wine & Liquor License – Review of long standing transfer under the provisions of Article 2B §10-503(d)(4) “A transfer of any license shall be completed not more than 180 days after the Board approves the transfer” (Re: Transfer of ownership and location approved on January 13, 2011; six month extension granted on November 30, 2011)

Blue Grass Tavern Ownership Tranfer

South Baltimore Blue Grass Tavern is transferring ownership.  Hopefully they remain a strong anchor for Hanover St. and Fort Ave.

Bluegrass Enterprises, LLC Transfer of ownership 1500 S. Hanover Street
Richard van Lange, Ross Wilken

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