Low Country Cuisine Comes to Light Street

| October 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Its website probably says it best, “It may not be in the south, but it is definitely our very own delicious slice.” The recent addition of Langermann’s on Light at 1542 Light St. brings something new and exciting to our side of the pond – really good, yet not overstated, southern-inspired fare.

On a recent – and my first – visit to Langermann’s on Light I was eager to check out the new spot and try some of the dishes that I’ve heard others rave about. Offering a scaled-down version of the menu from its sister location in Canton, which I’ve always enjoyed, the food did not disappoint.

During this visit I split two small plates and one full plate – the Cape Fear scallops, BBQ ribs and shrimp and grits, respectively. As a seafood lover, the scallops were probably my favorite dish of the night and I can honestly say a must-try. They were served over creamy grits with tomatoes, scallions and bacon and were so tender that they almost melted in your mouth – so good! The pork ribs were as equally tender, almost falling off the bone. For both of the small plates, besides just the flavor, I was really impressed by the portions of food served. Paired with a couple glasses of wine, I was almost second guessing having even ordered a full plate to share since I was already almost full and satisfied. However, we had no problem finding room to finish the shrimp and grits – another great choice and a staple of any southern menu. Another plus, the prices on the whole menu were extremely reasonable.

On this particular night, the restaurant was comfortably full, but not overly crowded, and the service was friendly and attentive. The overall vibe of Langermann’s on Light was nice and relaxed, however, with few changes to the space since its transition from 1542 Gastropub, I think that some updates to the interior and exterior would be beneficial in helping the restaurant gain more of an unique identity.

With what has been a revolving door of restaurant changes at this location over the years, I am excited at the potential of Langermann’s on Light being a mainstay in the community. I will definitely be back soon (and trying more of the dishes) and would recommend, if you haven’t already, checking it out and doing the same.

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