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Since our launch in mid-February, it’s been a fantastic year for  We thank everyone for your overwhelming support! We have thoroughly enjoyed finding out all the latest and greatest things about South Baltimore and look forward to 2013.  But, first let’s take at the articles that were read the most in 2012 (ordered by date of publication):

Circulator to Launch Banner Route, SoBo Not Included, 2/13

South Baltimore learned they would be getting a new Charm City Circulator Route to Fort McHenry, but many were upset that it missed a great opportunity to serve many of the residents and businesses on the South Peninsula.

Port Covington:  What Went Wrong? 2/24

I knew writing an article on Port Covington would grab a lot of interest, but I was overwhelmed by the response it got.  It was probably the most Googled article on our site and it seems every month people are still asking about this failed development.  Our comment section included a compliment from Baltimore real estate historian Antero Pietila. We also sat down with Councilman Cole to talk about it further.  This article is still very relevant, unfortunately because not much has changed, though I hear wheels are in motion and the future use of this site will be as a port to match the surging Port of Baltimore or Cruise Baltimore demands.

Updated: What’s Ahead for the Future of Downtown?, 2/28

We take look at the future of Downtown Baltimore, sandwiched in between the thriving neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon, Harbor East and Federal Hill.  Downtown Partnership aimed to bring more residents downtown and it appears they are making a lot of progress to reach that goal.

Trinacria: 114 Years of Great Italian Goods, 3/21

We offered some background and praise for downtown Italian favorite Trinacria. The article generated many responses on the site, social media and through email about others’ affection for this place.  It is still one of our articles that more and more people find each month.

“Oh Boy, What a Backyard!”, 3/16

We didn’t have to go far to find a great piece of artwork – it is a great backyard with a great story.  Check out the work of Dave Bellerose and learn how this project came to be.

Beer Blog: Charm City Beer Wars, 4/23

We got some terrific articles from our Beer Blogger Scott Berkheimer and this was a favorite of our audience as he offered his review of the beers at Charm City Beer Wars at Mother’s.

Update: Westport Waterfront Development,  5/3

Guest writer Nathan Prehn caught up with Turner Development to get updates on the $1.5 billion proposed Westport Waterfront.  They hoped to start sometime this fall, but all we heard about was a potential foreclosure.

Blue Angels Flying over South Baltimore in June, 5/14

The Sailabration was a huge week for Baltimore and people were pumped to find out that the Blue Angels were going to be a a part of it.  To anyone that caught the show or practice, they didn’t disappoint!

Chesapeake Craft Brewers to Open at the Pabst Castle, 6/4

When news broke about an old castle undergoing a renovation to become a brewery pub, it was bound to peak a lot of  interest.  Many people were excited and many were – and still are – worried about parking. Not much news or construction has taken place on this project since this article was written, so hopefully we’ll find out more soon!

DC and Baltimore Food Trucks to Square Off in Westport, 6/5

There’s not much that raises the level of excitement for urbanites more these days than food trucks and food truck rallies.  When a competition between Baltimore and DC food trucks in Westport was announced, people got excited and immediately took to Twitter, Facebook and more.  One of our readers was even kind enough to offer us a review!’s Weed Pulling Competition! 6/12

After living in South Baltimore for a decade and frustrated with our weed problem in the spring and summer, I finally had the voice to get people together and make a dent.  People loved our commercial and a mini hurricane, power outages and near 100 degree weather didn’t stop our community from removing nearly 900 lbs of weeds from the area!

Suspected Lakeland Drug House Shut Down After Successful Raid, 7/5

A Lakeland Drug House was raided by Baltimore Police and many tuned in to get the details.

Important Crime Update in Federal Hill, 8/17

Two armed robbers swept through South Baltimore and the community, police and residents came together to bring an end to this streak.  They were eventually caught using a stolen credit card at an area gas station.

Local Businesses Join Together to Honor Patrick “Scunny” McCusker, 8/28

The area was saddened to hear of the passing of Nacho Mammas owner and philanthropist Scunny McCusker. In his honor, local businesses owners dedicated a car to him in the Baltimore Grand Prix.

Pigtown Main Street Gains Sports Bar, Boutique and Renovated Spaces, 10/2

As Pigtown Main Street looks to grow into one of the next great business districts in Baltimore, our readers were excited to learn of the opening of The Tilted Pig and ReVamp Variety, as well as new spaces freshly renovated and ready for new tenants who would strengthen the area.

Thanks O’s, We Are Glad We Came, 10/2

It was a surprising return to relevance for the Baltimore Orioles in 2012. After the Orioles thanked the fans, Marco Romanell thanked the Orioles for bringing baseball back to Baltimore!

New Home Sales Soaring in Baltimore, 10/10

The U.S. economy and real estate market suffered through a rough stretch, but we were pleased to learn about the great comeback new townhome construction has made in Baltimore.

Low Country Cuisine Comes to Light Street, 10/22

1542 Light St. has seen a turnstile of bars and restaurants over the last 10 years and our editor and resident foodie Christine Allman offers a great review of Langermann’s on Light – the latest, and hopefully final, new business at the property on the corner of Light and Randall.

Video: Vote Great for Question 8!, 10/31

Everyone was sick of all of the political ads, especially for Question 7.  When we offered some comic relief with our own campaign parody Question 8, it brought a lot of attention to including making the front page of The Baltimore Sun!

The Effect of Question 7 and Table Games on Baltimore, 11/7

This article discussed how the passing of Question 7 would lead to the the addition of table games at the Caesars casino in South Baltimore.  We break down the increased investment that would follow this news.

Plans Revealed for SoBo’s 2 East Wells Development, 11/16

South Baltimore residents love hearing about outdated warehouses becoming mixed-use projects with retail. When you throw in extra parking available to area residents, it’s a home run for breaking news in SoBo!

Federal Hill Business Roundup, 12/6

It was announced that the Cross Street Market would be featured on the Travel Channel in a competition between Federal Hill and Capitol Hill. Many in the area got excited about a chance for Baltimore to put it’s best foot forward!

Plans Revealed for Light St. and Key Hwy. Roundabout, 12/10

The light and road condition at Key Hwy. and Light St. has long been a frustration for commuters in South Baltimore. When plans were revealed about a new roundabout that included plenty of greenery, people rushed to take a look!

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