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| March 14, 2014 | 1 Comments

Trai came to the Fox household after being found on Buzzards Trail in Patapsco State Park. From the get-go he was wiggly, happy and enthusiastic, albeit a bit clueless. Every day is a learning experience for Trai, and he’s a very good learner. He knows the basics: housebroken and crate-trained, he knows “sit,” “stay,” “off,” and “come.” He likes playing indoor games like “find it.” He’s learning “drop it,” and knows it’s time to relax in his crate when we say “house.” He LOVES his toys and usually shows them to us every time he’s let out of the crate. He loves to curl up on the floor and go to town on his Kong or Nylabone. He’s responsive on the leash; looking back at his walker and taking direction well. Sometimes he gets super excited to see other dogs, but is highly food motivated and will sit/stay for a treat.

Since we’ve had him under our foster care, Trai’s become a gentleman in the house. He’s always down to play but, if the mood is mellow, he’s perfectly content to curl up with a big sigh and snuggle. We love the way looks into our eyes and smacks his lips contentedly. His brindle coat and white front paws are exceptionally handsome. He’s a prompt pooper during his morning constitutionals – an asset as far as we are concerned! He seems benignly curious about cats and kids, but we haven’t tested these interactions. He has been a pleasure and would make a happy, charming addition to the right home!

Potential adopters can contact Bridget Fox at to arrange a meet and greet.

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