South Baltimore Crime Decreases Again in 2014

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PoliceFor the second straight year, South Baltimore’s Sector 4 saw a significant decrease in crime. Sector 4 includes the neighborhoods of Otterbein, Sharp-Leadenhall, Federal Hill, Federal Hill South, SBNA, Riverside, Locust Point, Ridgely’s Delight, Stadium Area, Port Covington, and portions of Barre Circle. As with last year, total part one crime decreased by 9% in 2014.

From Baltimore City Police Department Southern District Major Ian Dombroski:

Violent crime reduced by 13%. This reduction was driven by a 23% decrease in robberies. Property crime also saw reductions with a 9% decrease. We saw 21% decrease in auto theft and 16% decrease in theft from auto. Burglaries increased by a total of 2 incidents (1%). This year we also have sustained three burglaries so far in sector four. Each case so far this year had a point of entry through an unlocked door or window. We also saw this trend late last year. Total part one crime reported in sector four in 2014 decreased by 9%

Sector 4 experienced one homicide on the 1500 block of Marshall St. in South Baltimore in 2014. This was the first homicide in the South Baltimore Neighborhood in more than seven years. There was also one homicide, which occurred in Sharp-Leadenhall, in 2013.

In regards to homicides in Sector 4 since 2007:

  • Sharp-Leadenhall had one each year in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Federal Hill had two in 2008
  • Locust Point had one in 2010

From Major Dombroski regarding all of the Southern District, which includes the South Peninsula, Pigtown, SoWeBo, Cherry Hill, Curtis Bay, Morrell Park, and areas around Middle Branch:

The year-end numbers are in and the hard working men and women of the Southern District have helped reduced crime in virtually all major crime categories. Their collective efforts along with a tremendous amount of community action resulted in an 8% decrease in thefts from vehicles, 8% decrease in burglaries, 2% decrease in car thefts, and a 5% decrease in larcenies. South Baltimore communities also achieved a 15% reduction in aggravated assaults, 12% decrease in shootings, 5% decrease in robberies, and no increase in homicide. Total property crime decreased by 6%, total violence down 9%, and all part-one crime down 7%.

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