Crowdfunding Campaigns to Support Those Affected by Baltimore Riots

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After the devastation of the riots in Baltimore, numerous campaigns have started to help those who have been affected and are in need. Below is a list of crowdfunding campaigns you can donate to.

Please let know if there are any campaigns missing and we will update the list. 

John Chae and Fireside Liquors in North Baltimore

John was aware of the rapidly escalating protests and violence in the area.  The employees that were working at the liquor store with John expressed their fear and need to seek safety. John knew that the storefront was about to be overtaken by the crowd, and he told the employees to follow him out the side door.

John was knocked out by a brick, kicked, punched, batted, and pick pocketed stealing his wallet and cell phone. The helicopter hovering above saw the attack and called in for a SWAT team to pick up and extract John.

His store was overrun by violent protestors who broke into his business, looted everything and eventually burned the store down. The store has since been boarded up by the Fire Department.  Everything is lost. Everything is ruined.

Porsha and Khai’Lee

This page has been set up in support of Laporsha Lawson (AKA Porsha) and her young son Khai’Lee who lost their home due to recent events in Baltimore, MD. The mom along with with her 7-year old disabled son are grateful to have survived the fire yet still left displaced as a result of losing all of their personal belongings including Khai’Lee’s wheelchair. This page is being set up to support the cause and help rebuild Baltimore, one family at a time beginning with Ms. Lawson.

Who’s That Lady? Find Super Mom! (Toya Graham)

This video is an example of the kind of parent who checks report cards; the kind of parent who prays for her child’s safety; the kind of parent who’d rather use tough love, up front, than to have to visit her child in prison.  Think what you may of the hitting, but it’s equivalent to snatching your 2 yr-old by the neck to keep him from running across a busy street… to save his life.

Save Sports Mart

The Sportsmart is a family owned and operated footwear and apparel business in Baltimore city which has fallen victim to the recent riots and looting.   As the pictures show, there is nothing left.  This business not only employs the family that operates it, but many others as well.  This family and its employees are now without jobs.  Furthermore, such a devastating event has threatened to close the business for good, as the financial loss is nearly unrecoverable.

Southern Baptist Church Senior Center Rebuild

During the riots in Baltimore on April 27, 2015, the Southern Baptist Church’s senior housing development was burned down after years of funding efforts and planning to build it. Pastor Donte Hickman has responded with courage and faithfulness, and his community has provided hope in the midst of a difficult time for the city of Baltimore.

Help Clean Up West Baltimore 

Baltimore, Maryland is in a state of emergency and during this time of social upheaval, we must all do what we can in terms of contributions and time spent in this place we call a community.

Pigtown Pride Fund

All of our lives have recently been affected by the Baltimore riots, and while Pigtown is grateful to have escaped much of the violence impacting so many of our fellow citizens, several of our businesses received damage over the past few nights. Help us help our merchants by donating to the Pigtown Pride fund! An estimated $4,500 in repairs is needed, and your support allows us to get our local businesses the funds they need quickly and effectively.

Help The 8×10 staff survive the Baltimore Riots

The 8×10 is being shut down for a solid week right at the end of the month. Our staff is losing a week’s worth of pay. Everyone, including The 8×10 has their rent due at the end of this week.

Mount Vernon Business Damage Fund

On Monday, April 27th, 15 businesses along Charles Street and Centre Street in Mount Vernon were vandalized amidst the rioting. Most were small local businesses and need help with repairs.  In addition to property damage, some were also robbed.

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