Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks: The Italian Newcomer to SoBo

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Situated on the end of the 1800 block of Light St., Hersh’s Pizza & Drinks brings South Baltimore something that it has largely been missing – an Italian restaurant. With brother-and-sister duo Josh and Stephanie Hershkovitz running operations at the cozy, two-level dwelling, once the home of Rub BBQ, Hersh’s offers its patrons a mix of pizzas, pastas and small plates to choose from. They also offer an innovative cocktail list, an extensive beer selection and reasonably-priced wine.

The bar area resides in the dimly-lit main floor with the dining room on the second level. The life-sized artistic murals on the brick walls, muted gray tones and overall “feel” of the space makes Hersh’s a great local spot.

Something else that I also really – actually surprisingly – like about the space is that they don’t play any television (Note: They do have one TV in the bar and a projection screen upstairs – both well hidden – that they use only during Ravens games. I don’t count that as playing television because 1. It’s only a handful times a year and 2. It should be forbidden for any television to be off when the Ravens are playing… but, back to my point…) I like this because it allows you to actually go out to dinner, enjoy the food and engage in conversation without being distracted by television blaring in the background. With the whole slew of sports bars in the area, this offers a nice change from time to time.

Food-wise, Hersh’s menu continues to grow and evolve as they feel out what works best for them and their patrons. On my most recent visit on a bustling Friday night, we had dinner with another couple in the dining room upstairs. We started with a bottle of the Fossi Chianti, the wood-fired P.E.I. mussels (a new addition since my last visit) and the prosciutto balls. The wine was delicious, especially for a $24 bottle, and, as a mussel fanatic, I had no complaints. The prosciutto balls are also one of our favorites, but just to note, they aren’t overpowering with prosciutto, which you may think from the name – I’d still recommend them none the less.

For dinner between the four of us we ordered an orange and fennel salad, three of their wood-fired thin-crust pizzas (approximately a 12-inch pie each) with a selection of their different toppings and the ligurian ciuppin small plate which is another menu newbie (think calamari, shrimp and little neck clams doused in tomato sauce with a crusty loaf of bread smeared with a creamy garlic spread – yum!) Everything was fresh, tasty and satisfying… plus we had plenty of leftover pizza for the next day.

Another thing to really note about Hersh’s is their service. As they continue to work hard to make a name for themselves in the neighborhood this is something that won’t go unnoticed. The servers and bartenders are always very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. I’ve also never been in there without one of the owners coming over to ask how everything was going. Again, something that is appreciated and that I think will go far in the future success of the restaurant.

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