Eating My Way through Baltimore: Great Eats for the Week

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Note: I am by no means a self-proclaimed “foodie” and am by no means a food expert – trust me, I barely know the difference between saté and sauté. That being said, there is nothing I like more than being with good company, going out to eat and experiencing new food.

In the last week, I went to a handful of restaurants and bars (and food vendors for that matter) around Baltimore, all of which provided great and varied options for any downtown restaurant-goer. Here are some highlights:

Bar Fly’s: Situated among the rowhouses lining Fort Ave., Bar Fly’s offers a cozy, laid-back feel with great, casual Italian. The featured items on the menu are definitely the different selection of build-your-own thick crust pizzas. All of the toppings are fresh and the pizza is delicious! Although ordering a pizza should be mandatory for any first-timer to Bar Fly’s, I also highly recommend their house salad, Italian cold cut and soft pretzel appetizer (the pretzels should actually be mandatory as well!) They also have a fairly large selection of craft beers and beer selections on tap.

Nick’s Fish House: On a nice spring day, there’s not much better than some oysters on the half shell or a heaping bowl of mussels and a few cocktails at Nick’s. The food is always good, but it’s the outdoor patio on the water that will keep you coming back – and make you feel like you escaped on a mini vacation! This is definitely one of my favorite spots for outdoor dining in South Baltimore.

Baltimore Farmer’s Market: For those of you who haven’t been – GO! For those of you have, why didn’t I know about this sooner? The Baltimore Farmer’s Market, located under I-83 on Saratoga St., is amazing – plain and simple. With a huge variety of local vendors selling meats, cheeses, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more, there is honestly something for everyone here. They also have amazing local food and drink businesses selling made-to-order food, so come hungry. Some of my favorite eats of the Sunday morning were the fresh doughnuts that you dress to your liking at the topping bar, fresh goat and cheddar cheeses from a Maryland-based creamery, homemade salsa with just the right amount of kick and a curry chicken pocket. I highly, highly recommend you visiting the Farmer’s Market – not only for the food, but for a great Baltimore experience!

Tiki Barge: Alright, so the Tiki Barge isn’t exactly a restaurant (even though they do have a grilling station with burgers and a few additional items), but I had to include because the view from the top of their bar is absolutely stunning – you are literally right on top of the water, in the middle of the harbor with panoramic views of the city. If you haven’t been, put it on your to-do list.

As you know, there are a ton of restaurant options in Baltimore, so until the next Eating My Way through Baltimore entry, share with everyone some of your favorites.

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