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| June 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

20130531_194850Along the same lines as my previous discussion of session beers, I recently became aware of a new venture aimed at simplifying craft beer.  The founder of Magic Hat Brewing Company, Alan Newman, recently started “The Just Beer Project.”

From the founder: “The Just Beer Project’s mission is to deliver beer drinkers un-complicated, world-class craft brews that are delightful in their simplicity – nothing too complicated or exotic and with all natural ingredients. Our beers are sessionable, staying in the 5% ABV range, and focus on a great balance between malt and hops.”

I usually write about beers that are brewed locally.  “Just IPA,” The Just Beer Project’s first release, does not meet that criterion, as it is currently contract brewed at the Samuel Adams brewery in Ohio.  However, it is unique in that Baltimore is one of only three cities to which it is currently distributed, representing a unique chance to be one of the first people to give this one a try.

“Just IPA” pours an orange-tinted straw color with an eggshell colored head. The aroma is soft pine with oranges. It is light up front then earthy and citrusy flavors balance on a biscuity foundation. Just enough pine lingers after the finish to tingle the tongue.

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