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20140121_182025Back in March 2013, the brewing team from Evolution Craft Brewing traveled to Frederick, MD to brew a beer with Flying Dog for the Craft Brewers Conference. They developed and brewed a stock ale (another name for an old ale) that became known as Natural Selection Genus 1.

Months later, each brewery brewed the beer again following the same recipe. However, this time each brewery put their own unique touch on the stock ale. Evolution aged the beer in Four Roses Bourbon barrels (coined “Genus 2”), while Flying Dog dry-hopped their brew (Genus 3) using “a ground-breaking amount” of Galaxy hops.

I recently enjoyed a bottle of each version.  Here are my thoughts:

Natural Selection Genus 2: Pours a deep brown resembling freshly brewed strong coffee with a beige head. Aromas include vanilla, milk chocolate, and a hint of caramel and woody bourbon. Butterscotch hits the tongue first, followed by vanilla and smooth chocolate. An oak bite hits next, balancing the sweeter flavors. Bourbon sticks on the tongue through the finish. At 7.6% abv, this beer packs all the depth of flavors of barrel aged imperial stouts and barleywines at an an abv that will allow you to finish the 750ml bottle and remember it!

As a side note, I tried this beer fresh on draft during Baltimore Beer Week in October and thought the bourbon characteristic was overpowering. Having been aged in the bottles a few months has done wonders for the complexity of this beer. I will be going out to find another bottle or two to keep in my cellar.

Natural Selection Genus 3: Pours a slightly hazy brown resembling weak black coffee topped with a lingering buff head. A whiff of nuttiness enveloped by citrusy grassiness wafts off the beer. The first taste brings notes of mildly sweet malt that  quickly turns to coffee and faint bakers chocolate. Bitterness then overrides these flavors, bringing a bit of earthy spiciness and dry citrus rind through the finish. This beer is wonderfully complex and I enjoyed every sip.

In my opinion, this was a great project by Evolution and Flying Dog. Each Genus is wildly different, yet, the base stock ale is apparent in each unique version.

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