Crossing the Border: El Salto

| February 12, 2012 | 1 Comments

If you are like me and have frequent – often too frequent – cravings for cheap, delicious Mexican food and have never heard of El Salto then, well let’s just say, your life is about to forever change. Located on Rt. 2 in Brooklyn Park, less than a five-minute car ride from SoBo, El Salto is definitely worth the trip outside the city lines.

Gathering patrons from the city, county and all walks of life, El Salto delivers something that is often missing from many restaurants – authenticity. No frills, no surprises, just good classic, cheesy delicious Mexican food.

As the case most often when I eat at this gem of a spot, I went to El Salto today for lunch. While you can order anything from their extensive lunch or dinner menu, I often opt for one of their lunch specials that average out right in the $6 range. How can you beat that? (Just for the record, one of my favorites is Lunch Special #9 – a taco, enchilada and quesadilla.) Oh, and you can not forget to order the queso to start out every meal. All of that, along with the complimentary chips and salsa, will leave you completely satisfied, full and craving more (once you make your way out of that food coma), with barely making a dent in your wallet. Between two of us, I have never had a food bill more than $20.

I’ve also never been to the restaurant with someone who did not enjoy the El Salto experience. In addition to the food and cocktails, its quick and friendly service, big comfy booths and overall laid-back feel makes this the perfect place to go for Saturday dinner, to cure that Sunday hangover or to just get your mid-week Mexican fix.

Check it out and let us know what you think… my money is on that you won’t be disappointed.



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