Business Updates Around South Baltimore

| April 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Dollar Tree Opens at Southside Marketplace

If you are looking to see how far $1 will get you these days, Dollar Tree is a great place to look.  Dollar Tree opened their new Southside Marketplace location this weekend and I was able check out the store today.  I must say, they had some really good deals for $1.  The things that really stuck out to me were all kinds of cleaning supplies, decent looking pint and wine glasses, toys, party favors, food and more – I look forward to getting some good deals. And for those upset about Goodwill leaving, they have a nice new location at the UMD Biopark in SoWeBo so you don’t have to go far.

Bar/Restaurant Opportunity in Pigtown

A bar in a really good location will be available at an AJ Billig Auction on May 10th at 2pm.  Last called Carl’s Little House, a three rowhouse wide bar with a liquor license and package good license will be available to the highest bidder.  The bar is located at 1169-1173 Hamburg St. on the  corner of Ostend St.  The 1100 block of Hamburg St. is one of the nicest blocks in Pigtown and is a very short walk to the Ravens Stadium and the future casino development.

It is also directly across the street from a huge property once eyed for a minor league soccer stadium, but could still be a hot property for development if not eventually used for a soccer stadium.  Many are predicting a big spinoff effect from the casino for the many warehouses surrounding it. If so, this bar could be right in the middle of the action a few years down the road.

Fort Ave. Store Front 

A former storefront rowhouse at 402 East Fort Ave. in Riverside is undergoing a major renovation.  The property has been completely gutted and a new brick facade is going up today.  They are putting two spots for doors on the front, so it does appear they will use they property as a store front with above apartments or just multiple apartments.  The property looks at least a couple months away from completion. We’ll keep you updated.

Tour Bus Terminal in Pigtown Begins  

A planned tour bus terminal in Pigtown has begun construction in preparation for the Sailabration this summer.  The facility will be located on a city-owned parking lot on Arlington Ave. and James St. just south of the B&O Warehouse, Baltimore Behavioral Health and a struggling shopping center.

Here is a description of the facility from Baltimore Business Journal:

The tour bus facility would include a 1,200-square-foot building where bus drivers could relax and park their buses so they don’t clog up city streets. That would take buses off streets like Central and Guilford avenues, which have become popular bus parking locations.

Hopefully this facility brings some positive energy to an area that has struggled with Baltimore Behavioral Health and the new addition of University of Maryland’s Methadone clinic.  Stopping by today, I saw several people walking down Arlington St. drinking 22oz beers… it sure would be nice if UMD and BBH patrolled the surrounding blocks of their facility.

Suspicious Death Outside of Paradox

Paradox nightclub, located underneath 295 and accessible from Ostend St. across the street from the Ravens Stadium, has long been a frustration of Pigtown residents and those looking for a safe walk from Pigtown to SoBo across Ostend St.  It appears a suspicious death outside the club could get Paradox in serious trouble and an inevitable meeting with the Baltimore Liquor Board.

Here is a Tweet about the incident from Baltimore Sun Crime Report Justin Fenton (@Justin_Fenton):

3 messages frm ppl who say woman who died at Paradox overdosed,was dragged outside by staff.4th says rave culture is beautiful,things happen

Needless to say, we’ll be hearing a lot more about this and Paradox will have a lot of questions to answer – not to mention they could be in major hot water with the Baltimore Liquor Board.  They are located in an area very close to the new Harrah’s Casino, an area the city and developers would love to see become very vibrant, safe and active.  We’ll see if this leads to the removal of a club long known for raves and dance parties.

 Republic Noodle Closes its Doors

We previously reported that Republic Noodle was closed while they pursued a liquor license, but it appears that process was unsuccessful and they will close the restaurant for good.  Here is a statement from their website:

We were unable to acquire an affordable liquor license at this location and have closed the restaurant. Please look for our new virtual restaurant and website, in the near future, for Pan Asian food and beverage recipes, history, culture, and our “POP-UP” restaurant locations until we find a new home.

We wish to thank everyone who understood, appreciated, and patronized our unique, forward-looking, ONE-OF-A-KIND establishment. Thank You… Republic Noodle

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