Police Update on Rash of South Baltimore Break-Ins

| February 5, 2015 | 1 Comments

From Baltimore City Police Department Southern District Major Ian Dombroski:

The following crimes occurred yesterday (2/3/15) in the Sector four area:

228am Residential B&E 1600 block Jackson Street (broke rear sliding glass door)

426am Attempted Residential B&E 1100 block William Street (removed screen rear side window)

600am Residential B&E 100 block E. Gittings Street (second floor unlocked window to roof top deck)

805am Residential B&E 100 block E. West Street (unlocked front door)

815a to 620pm Residential B&E 800 block S. Sharp Street (broke front door)

We believe the same group of burglars are responsible for multiple incidents, possibly all 5. The latest descriptions we have at this time is a young, slim build, black male in a dark hoody sweatshirt and light colored jeans. He is possibly accompanied by a young white male and young black male with backpacks, one with a white polo shirt and khaki pants (possibly high school students).

In at least one case the burglar knocked on the door prior to the crime possibly to see if anyone was home.

We have investigators working full time assigned to these cases in an attempt to make arrests, recover property and prevent similar incidents. Please encourage all neighbors to lock their windows and doors, even if they are elevated from the ground. Call police if suspicious activity is observed (reference the rash of burglaries in the neighborhood to the 911 operator). It is also always wise to inventory valuable items in your home and keep a list of identifying characteristics to include serial numbers.”

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