Notable Police Officer and Dog Reunited in Federal Hill

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Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewciz and his dog Bo became a viral sensation after their story was shared around the world. While on duty in 2012, Waskiewciz responded to a call for a ‘vicious dog chasing kids.’ He immediately fell in love with the dog and later adopted him.

Waskiewciz and Bo were featured on the ‘Baltimore Show Your Soft Side Campaign‘ and also received a year’s worth of food and dog treats from Rachael Ray.

This past weekend, a door at Waskiewciz’s Federal Hill-area home was left open because it got caught in a rug and Bo escaped. Waskiewciz searched at length for Bo and his photo was shared on neighborhood Facebook pages. Luckily, thanks to a fellow officer, Bo was later found and reunited with his owner.

From the Baltimore Police Facebook page:

In 2012 we introduced you to Officer Dan Waskiewicz after he rescued and adopted a dog named Bo. This past Sunday evening, Bo ran away from home. Officer Waskiewicz was out most of the night looking for Bo and used social media to ask for help.

On Sunday evening Officer James Deasel was on patrol and observed an unattended dog wandering around. Unable to locate the owner, he posted an ad on craigslist. The two officers never met before. Officer Waskiewicz and Bo were later reunited thanks to Officer Deasel.


From the Baltimore Police Facebook Page. A picture of Officer Dan Waskeiwicz, Bo, and Officer Deasal

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